Александр Гудков раскритиковал КВН The presenter gave an interview in which he admitted that he monitors the work of new and humorous teams. Alexander Gudkov rarely releases the WHC and won’t go to shooting gear.

Alexander Gudkov became famous as the captain of the team “Fedor dvinyatin”, which played in the Higher League of KVN. Now the showman is working on television and time to watch humorous game he was missing. In a recent interview a young man spoke in detail why he does not like to appear on the set of new editions of the League.

“I don’t like to watch KVN of the hall. It is always a great stress, because I put in the first row. Sometimes you have to laugh where it’s not funny. But good jokes occur”, – shares his emotions Alexander.

TV presenter admits that in the current editions of KVN there is nothing disturbing. However, the performer emphasizes that the new teams are much harder to work in the era of mass proliferation of the Internet, when the actual joke is quickly lost. “For example, took the new issue in June, showed it in September, and it’s not funny,” – says Gudkov.

And yet, the broadcaster periodically looks KVN, but only in the network. Alexander also explained why his team never took part in the anniversary issue of the comic game.

“We were contacted by the administration, was asked to speak as part of a national team of Moscow. We could not gather, but still prepared the room rehearsing it day and night. Came to the run, and we were told that we no longer needed,” – shares memories showman.

According to Alexander, the situation did not affect his relationship to the University and to the organizers of the transfer. Also, the TV host admitted that the prank team “Fedor dvinyatin” is often cut out, but it didn’t hurt. “Good ideas never disappeared, and we have used them in other projects”, – said Alexander in an interview.

Now hooters is running at two popular Comedy programmes. Showman does not deny that he has a very busy schedule of filming, and so it is rare. “At 10:00 we have a morning briefing at the “Evening Urgant”. Then we discuss the script with Ivan, and remove the issue. After that, meals in Comedy Woman, but midnight back home. And so every day,” says the comedian about his schedule.

Alexander did not spread about his personal life, but emphasizes that does not live alone. Earlier, the TV presenter admitted that with his current beloved familiar for 12 years. Alexander Gudkov explained why not to get married