Alexander Gradsky came to the shooting of “the Voice” in a wheelchair

Александр Градский приехал на съемки «Голоса» в инвалидной коляске A member of the jury has a broken leg. Despite this, the mentor is present in the blind auditions, which started today. Hundreds of kids will try to become the participants of the sixth season of the musical show.
Александр Градский приехал на съемки «Голоса» в инвалидной коляске

Currently in Moscow are the blind auditions of contestants who want to get into the TV show “the Voice.” In the sixth season, the jury returned Pelageya, who recently gave birth to a daughter Taisiya. Other mentors were Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan, Alexander Gradsky. A famous composer arrived in the Studio on a wheelchair. As it became known, shortly before Alexander broke his leg. Despite the injury, he did not refuse the presence on the qualifying test. For men was equipped with a special ramp that he can climb to the platform.

The first channel officially announced the jury of the new season of the show “the Voice”

City missed the fifth season of “the Voice” due to the fact that allegedly did not agree with the “First channel” on a fee for participation in the project. According to another version, the mentor left the judgment seat after the fourth “Voice” victory ward his colleagues. Previously triumphant musical show was the guys from the team city.

“He wrote that, he allegedly asked for a million dollars, but have not received them and was offended, but this is nonsense, do not believe. Hurt Alexander at the results of last season. He waited for the victory of his pupil Mikhail Ozerov and the fact that Laura eventually got hieromonk Photius, was a shock for him,” said his student Alla reed.

The town believes that a show of this format should not be a clear scenario, and the actions of the jury are often spontaneous. According to mentor, it’s impossible to know in advance what to expect from the contestant.

Recall that the show “the Voice” aired on the First channel for four years. The project brings together hundreds of talented children from different cities of Russia and neighboring countries. Last season the jury was composed of Grigory Leps, Polina Gagarin, Leonid Agutin and Dima Bilan. Many of them had to give up some other projects to devote himself to the work with the participants of the show. The winner was Daria Antonyuk from the team yesterday, however it did not reach the heights in the world of show business.

Александр Градский приехал на съемки «Голоса» в инвалидной коляске“I did not expect that after the victory to me draw so much attention. Good, of course, more, but bad enough. I know why I focused so much negativity – can’t please everybody. Anyway, someone will hate you. This is normal, and I’m not surprised,” said Antoniuk.