Alexander Gosias told about bullying Konstantin Ivanov

Александра Гозиас рассказала об издевательствах Константина Иванова Ex-participant reality “House-2” decided to slug it out with former lover Konstantin Ivanov. And all this in the framework of the program “really”. Alexander Gosias argues that the former chosen one has repeatedly cheated on her. Moreover, he abused her daughter.

Relationship Gosias Alexandra and Konstantin Ivanov not impress many fans of “House-2”. Ex-member of the project claims that the ex-lover cheated on her with women much older than him.

Alexander and Constantine decided to slug it out in the Studio talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev. Gosias sure that Ivanov was cheating on her with the flamboyant singer Natalia Shturm. The rivals met in the program.

“I want to know the truth. Because people during this month was cheating on me,” said Gosias on a talk show.

Natalia did not deny the words of Alexandra. The singer admitted that he really was in an intimate relationship with the ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2”. According to Natalia, Constantine liked her as a man. The actress said that with Ivanov she only had sex on the further development of relations it is not expected.

“For 45 years, the woman begins to understand. Men closer to 50 often become dull and uninteresting. I or love, or sex. I can’t fall in love. From time to time I need a partner who will share my love of the sport,” shared the Assault with experts and audience of the talk show.

Natalia said that met with Konstantin accidentally, then between her and ex-participant of “House-2” was clicked, they liked each other, liking turned into a passion. The expert examined the words of the Assault on the polygraph. Lie detector show – the artist is not lying.

“I’m so nice, I really like to watch myself. I have two children of different sexes. Daughter sees my Instagram, she’s my friend,” said the singer.

Goias, listening to the story of the Assault, repeatedly insulted the singer. Experts of the talk show said: pride of Alexandra severely undermined after the cheating Ivanov.

Then in the Studio talk show “really” came Constantine himself. The man also confirmed that between him and the Assault had an intimate relationship. However, the man said: he prefers women much younger than Storm. Ivanov said he did not believe in the sincerity of Goias. In his opinion, Alexander was actively cheating on him for money and gifts with other men.

“Her life is the clubs, parties gifts. I am sure that when she left me, she had men,” said Constantine in Studio talk show.

Goias, in turn, admitted that he had changed Ivanov. However, Alexander noted that the ex-lover had subjected her to numerous humiliations and abused her daughter, scaring a little girl by the police.

At the end of programme the experts came to the conclusion: Alexander and Konstantin in love with each other only through the prism of mutual humiliation. For a couple perfect relationship kicking and screaming, after which comes a rapid reconciliation.