Alexander Gosias: “Jabbarova I don’t have”

Александра Гозиас: «Яббарову я ничего не должна» The former participant of “House-2” told about the reasons for the quarrel. Ilya Yabbarov accused Alexander Gosias that it does not give him a large sum of money. The girl doesn’t know how to stop the accusations.
Александра Гозиас: «Яббарову я ничего не должна»

Not so long ago between the former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Alexandra Goias and llya Habarovym scandal broke. The man accused the girlfriend that she owed him a large sum of money. According to him, they agreed on the fees, which the girl should be sent to the microblog. Yabbarov said that he introduced Gosias with customers, and therefore claimed a percentage of the transaction as an intermediary. The man remained nothing how to address to justice. Ilya Yabbarov sued Alexander Gosias in a million

However, Alexander is outraged by the statements of Elijah, whom she considered a friend. Ex-participant reality show “House-2” told “StarHit” that their quarrel began after Yabbarov expressed readiness to replace the father of an unborn child Olga Rapunzel. According to Hosius, it shamed the man, and he didn’t like it. After recriminations girl reminded about the debt.

“He took 200 thousand more than a year ago. Now I understand that was stupid, when I did not take a receipt – because we were like brother and sister. And now he’s turning the case so that if I need him. Yes, he introduced me to advertising customers, we know were not the same agreements about which he speaks. He I earned, I gave him the money, in fact, never, since finding advertisers is not so difficult,” – said Alexander.

Girl it’s a shame that the man took advantage of her kindness, because she came to his aid at a critical moment. Gosias didn’t want to make the conflict public. according to her, Elijah does not go with her, but because they fail to resolve the situation peacefully.

“I don’t know how to stop the stream of insults in his address, makes me look drunk. I am sad to tears. Ilya enjoys the fact that I’m alone now and trying to publicly, through the court to collect the money,” shared the former participant “Houses-2”.

Alexander admits that he had revealed the secret of Elijah because of resentment. Gosias told that he is not the biological father of his daughter.

The girl unpleasant that her ex-boyfriend Konstantin Ivanov also claims a debt that she allegedly has not repaid.

“I think they conspired. I took money from the Bones to buy a car, because in Moscow are unable to withdraw money from the account. It seems to me that he saw the conflict with Ilya, too, decided to add fuel to the fire. I don’t know how to stop it,” open up with “StarHit” Alexander.