Alexander Gordon was up to his old tricks

Александр Гордон взялся за старое
The presenter returned in the office of the Director.

Alexander Gordon

Alexander Gordon, who many have long
perceive only as a TV presenter, returned to the Director’s chair.
In addition, he became the author of the script, and the producer of the film “Uncle Sasha”.
The main role in the film was played, too, Gordon.

This is not surprising: it is in acting,
he studied at the Theater school. Shchukin, acted in films and television series:
“Generation P”, “Nerd”, “Teacher”. His character in “Uncle Sasha” used to live for
themselves, but closer to the finale I realized that the “remnants of itself it is not enough even
last in the career of film”. In order to still him down, he sucks
the emotions of those nearby. Your script Gordon calls autocharge.

Unexpectedly, the new film by Alexander Gordon
debuted as an actor famous pianist Boris Berezovsky. “I understand that the risks, though, because he
not a drama actor, explained Gordon edition MK. — Contrary to popular
view, we know him not so long ago, but the third glance almost fell in love
each other. The third view allowed me to see in it the artist that
role. It would be nice if there was required only the musical talents and
a certain dramatic fitness, but this role involved a huge degree
physical fitness. The fact that in the beginning of the film the hero of Boris
Berezovsky cuts through the waves on jet ski sports, and in the end it appears
the trendy gadget called a flyboard.

On the set of Boris was
the gap between the Japanese and European tours. Even I will not explain,
what is for a pianist of this level at least badly scratched finger. Can
assume that half of the concerts has already been disrupted … But Boris told me that no
stunt is not that a 4-metre practicable that we built on the shore
to take it off is supposedly hovering above the waves, not good, and it will be on
flyboard and will do all that myself. I simultaneously laughed, because absolutely not
believed in this, and cry because I imagine what will happen if
the great pianist will dislocate a finger. My surprise was unbounded, when,
literally 20 minutes after the beginning of the training, Boris was already on this
the Board, and in half an hour was able to be in the frame so that the played
my teams: left, right, closer, higher. This is the greatness in everything.”