Alexander Gordon fulfilled a cherished dream

Александр Гордон исполнил заветную мечту
The presenter said that he brought him this year.

Александр Гордон исполнил заветную мечту

The new Year is a good time to take stock and make plans
desire. In anticipation of our favorite holiday Russian stars shared their
plans for 2017.

His big dream revealed people’s artist of Russia Dmitry Kharatyan. He hoped that in the coming year, will begin shooting of the 4th part

“It is in the new part will go on the attack of Turkey in Crimea
the end of the 18th century — shared the actor. — The continuation “Cadets” will be dedicated to
the two main themes that will go hand in hand: the story of human relationships
a large-scale military history. I think the film will be a success, now is
time for its release. Russia itself, as something new begins to position
world, developing true patriotism. “Cadets”, Russian movie,
the Russian army, Russian valor and honor — it should be now
true. Unfortunately, the budget from the state for the production of such
a large-scale film yet, but we do not lose heart. I hope in the new year we
will be able to overcome the difficulties and start shooting”.

Big plans for next year and Jasmine. Singer
will actively develop its own production centre and will please fans
the next album. She also told how her new video:

Александр Гордон исполнил заветную мечту

“My Director Aleksey Golubev want to make a video for
the song “goodbye my lipstick” in the style of Broadway musical 30 years, says
star. The costumes were very stylish, so it should get bright and
fun. Song, too, with humor. Plan to tour a lot, perhaps
even the Far East – they have long been expecting me, invited. And, of course,
there will be performances by the rest of Russia and CIS countries. I very much hope that in the new
year “shoot” is my song. Our staff are waiting for, because
birth of Myron I had to take a creative break”.

New year’s eve came true the cherished dream of
Alexander Gordon. The presenter moved with his family to his own house.

“Construction of a country house almost finished, says
anchorman. — We’re already moved. Just before the entrance put the Christmas tree, meter
3-4 it is already. Dressed up beautifully. Now we have the New year will always be alive
fir. And when I was a kid, we always put such Soviet, plastic,
reminiscent of some designer. But, nevertheless, the tree that Squirting special
mix, to smell, hang the tinsel, which strove to eat the cat. So
Christmas tradition was to save the cat from eating the tinsel.”

In anticipation of the most happy and joyous holiday
celebrities participated in the charitable action of the company “ABC Taste”
in support of children with cancer. Stars
presented a new collection of amazing Christmas decorations — the “Tradition” and
“Holiday”. In the framework of the funds from the sale of the toys will be donated to the Fund
“Gift of life” under the patronage of famous Actresses Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun.