Alexander Golovin: “I do Not like when girls imposed”

Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются» Popular actor shared his attitude of too obsessive fans who dream to get his attention. Alexander Golovin has played the role of Emily in the new film “Tree-5”. The artist revealed “StarHit” some details from the set, and talked about his life outside cinema and the theatre.

      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»

      The premiere of the fifth part of the popular Christmas movie “Christmas Tree”, which will take place today, looking forward to many Russians. In the new film, viewers will see again the famous couple – skier and snowboarder. Alexander Golovin lifted the secret and announced that the usual extreme stunts in the film will not. The actor will once again appear in the role of a snowboarder. Actor Alexander said in an interview with “StarHit” about filming “the Trees”, personal life, relation to social networks, and the most memorable.

      You starred in all five parts of the movie “Christmas Tree”. Still not tired of your character?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»I am always happy to undertake this project. The film itself evokes good feelings. The characters for us is already clear, it is easy to join the work. With a partner, Alexander by Domogarova Jr., is very easy. So if they make a sixth, a seventh part, then we will participate with pleasure. It’s nice that some stories from the film go, but our characters remain. —
      Tried to bring something new into his character?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»We want with Sanko to write a script with our characters from the “Trees” and to offer, but until we have the area of improvisation. It is a pity that action less and less. We used to ride on the rails on the tub, now completely without extreme episodes. We come up with, of course, some options are improvised. Something Directors like it, they leave. On the set we feel like at home. Work for a long time, and the group does not change. This is a very good company, I’m always comfortable.
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»
      Your fascination with extreme sports it helps to work?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»Of course, it helps. I believe that actors just have to deal with many, it can always help out during the shooting, driving, fighting. I like to snowboard, Wake, and scooters. Early fond of racing, but took the fifth to sixth places, I do not like.
      You’re not too actively engaged in social networks. Like to communicate with fans?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»For social networks there is inspiration, and paraded not want to live. Say that your personal Network is the promotion. While I take off only the most interesting and consolation subscribers that I’m honest and genuine “Instagram”. And those who want to chat with me, come to the performances. I always go out after performances to the audience, talking, answering their questions. I think it’s better. And social networks I sometimes ask inappropriate questions. For example, ask: “What are you doing?” I work elementary, teaching role – what do I say? When you ask some specific questions, such as what to do in the theater that this is necessary, how to work on a skill, then I give advice on what I can.
      Fans probably are often called out, trying to please?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»I’m such messages do not answer. When she imposed, I became interested. Need to know a little person, and to sit in the restaurant with an unknown girl, smile and tell each other kind words – why? It’s nice when people come to the shows, go specifically for performances in the next city. And so, I try to protect yourself from abnormal people. I’m still a guy – if the girl I like, he comes in.

      A year ago you claimed that you are not ready to create a family. Has anything changed in your views on this subject?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»Yes, I think that you need to create a family, and then decided that I still too early. I myself did not understand, and therefore to associate with someone his life is not ready. For me example is my parents. They live many years in marriage. A military dad, I flew a lot, we often changed our place of residence. It was very difficult, but my mom never gave up on him, and I believe it to be true love. —
      Close not trying to push you into marriage?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»Like all normal parents, they, of course, waiting. My dream is that already there was some kind of constant passion. I respond to it: “All the time”.

      You are a child star in various projects. Someone know you a star disease?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»I had never been. I look at the other actors, how they communicate with everyone, understand that there is no meaning to show off. But sometimes it so happens that you are not different, and you begin to find fault. For example, we decided to get together with friends, and then I can’t do it because of things to come, and some say, “Well, obviously, zazvezdilsya”. —
      Ten years have passed since the release of the series “kadetstvo”, where you played the lead role. Was this project important to you or do you think another movie is a turning point in your career?
      Александр Головин: «Не люблю, когда девушки навязываются»Every project in which I participate, is seen as a part of yourself. What can I say about the “cadets”? We worked for five years, I all the camera crew take it as a family. This is a good series that doesn’t spoil the youth. I tried to make friends with everyone on the site – operators, make-up artists, stunt artists, pyrotechnics. I remember when I was shooting the series, after the change helped the illuminators to collect all the instruments, simultaneously learning what everything does and how it works. With many we keep in touch still, but of course all their Affairs, so do not communicate as often as we would like. During that time many things have happened in my life.