Александр Гобозов: «Роберт не хочет жить с мамой» Member of the reality show revealed the whole truth about the relationship with ex-wife. According to Alexander Gobozova he bothered to put Aliano Holy. He said that the ex-wife deprives him of the opportunity to see my son and is constantly rude while chatting.
Александр Гобозов: «Роберт не хочет жить с мамой»

Alexander and Aliana Gobozova broke up this spring. On the transmission “is actually a” TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev was trying to reconcile the ex-participants “Houses-2”. The young woman pretended that settled the issues with her ex-husband. However, according to Sasha, it’s all fiction. According to him, Aliana does not give him and his parents to see the child. Alexander Gobozov: “All that Aliana said the air – deception”

Александр Гобозов: «Роберт не хочет жить с мамой»“I wanted to go with Robert to the Seychelles, I was offered to “Dom-2”, but she said, “I’m you don’t let go,” – said Gobozov in an interview with “StarHit”.

The man believes that in this situation Allianoi driven by jealousy, as he has a son and a strong bond. Dad Robert, when the ex-fiancee went abroad with friends or busy working.

“He otbrykivatsya to live with my mom. When I told him: “You go to my mother”, he starts a tantrum. If I gave Robert to her, I have to hide, to turn everything into a game. “Where is dad, let me go to him,” shouts the son. Sometimes she hides it from me”, – shared Alexander.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” claims that during the holidays Aliana with his son in the Crimea, he was forbidden to talk to him on the phone and even sent pictures of the child from the home. That is why Gobozov gave her permission for the export of Roberta abroad.

“She tells Robert that his father is an alcoholic, he will have another daddy. I tired to put it up and Holy shield. I have boiled. She’s an evil person,” said Alexander.

Former member of telestroke provided “StarHit” screenshots correspondence with the former spouse. They show that the woman quite sharply expresses thoughts and emotions. Besides, she is rude to the ex-chosen one. Gobozov said that he does not need anything from his ex-wife.

Александр Гобозов: «Роберт не хочет жить с мамой»
Александр Гобозов: «Роберт не хочет жить с мамой»

By the way, as told Gobozov, the ex-wife tried to tarnish his reputation by spreading rumors about numerous novels men, and alcoholism. Aliana said she was sure that he was cheating on, so as witnesses, willing to help, send her incriminating Sasha materials. However, the woman also admits that she had a love affair on the side while she was married.

Александр Гобозов: «Роберт не хочет жить с мамой»

Alexander remembered how Aliana blamed his mother for the death of Svetlana Ustinenko. In fact, Olga V. was on duty at the bedside of the woman a few hours a day without demanding money for it as nurses, but did not hear words of gratitude from sister-in-law. Aliana Gobozova vinyl in-law in the death of his mother

Александр Гобозов: «Роберт не хочет жить с мамой»

Some time ago Alexander managed to persuade Aliano to allow Robert to go with him to his native Pyatigorsk, while she is engaged in the development of network business.

“My son is resting with dad in the Caucasus. Hot springs, nature, mountains, fresh air. Rest, my son, have a good time and listen to your dad. I’m happy when you’re happy, my child,” said Aliana in the caption to one of the photographs of his son.