Александр Гобозов отказывается влюбляться в участницу «Дома-2» The man admitted, as treason Zinovyeva impact on their relationship. According to Alexander, he gave the girl another chance. However, his feelings for Kate cool. Although this does not reduce her positive human qualities.
Александр Гобозов отказывается влюбляться в участницу «Дома-2»

Alexander Gobozov returned to the TV project “Dom-2” at the end of January. The man came into the Clearing, to compete for the attention of Katie Zinovyeva, models from Krasnoyarsk. Striking brunette she also denied that she is interested in Sasha. However, they have recently had a serious conflict. Kate started to provide favors to the Roman Gritsenko, who was considered a favorite of Olga Buzova. Zinoviev realized that made a mistake and tried to make peace with Obozavam through his mother. She called Olga Vasilievna tried to explain to the woman that had sincere feelings towards her son.

Gobozov forgave the mistress sex scandal with a fan Buzova

After a time, Alexander himself decided to comment on the incident. According to him, the incident had a negative impact on his relationship with the girl.

“This situation was released and left in the past. Rather, try to let go. Although no. To let her go physically to the end can not, but trying to give Katya a chance. I don’t know yet, it turns out or not,” – said Gobozov.

Recall that the appearance of Alexander on the project was very effective. He rode into the Clearing dressed as a knight. Katya and Sasha met at the end of last year on the set of one of the editions of the TV show. They talked and talked. The girl did not even mind that Alexander did not formalize the divorce with ex-wife Allianoi Golosovoy. The couple left a son, Robert. Gobozov tries often to spend time with the child, therefore, does not want to focus on the elucidation of relations with Zinovyeva.

“I see that Kate can take care of my parents because they are old. If a rational approach to this question, I want Katya was with me. And if we talk about feelings… Strong feelings for Katia no. I don’t understand what then happens. So far, I give us a chance,” said Alexander in an interview with the publication Dom2Life.

By the way, the second party unpleasant situation with Kate Zinovyeva, Roman Gritsenko were in a less advantageous position. Olga Buzova, which he was looking for an approach that finally made it clear to the guy that will not forgive his behavior. “I can say that I never cheated on her, and a detector is also sometimes wrong. But we need to continue to live on! I’m free for a new relationship. Our history with Olga Buzova, unfortunately, is over!”said novel in one of his last broadcasts.