Александр Гобозов вымаливает прощение у супруги The star of “House-2” admitted that inattentive to the beloved. After several years of marriage, divorce, and then the resumption of relations Alexander Gobozov don’t hide that guilty wife Allianoi.

      Alexander and Aliana Gobozova remembered by the audience of the show “Dom-2” a succession of quarrels and reconciliations. A few years of relationship the couple even managed to get married and get a divorce. Now the family peace and harmony. However, Alexander continues to feel guilty in front of his wife.

      The man has published on his page in Instagram sentimental appeal to his wife. A touching Declaration of love Gobozova gives way to forgiveness for the past and the present. Alexander admits that his beloved is not paying so much attention as it deserves. His words are full of sincerity and repentance.

      Along with a fiery speech Gobozov has published a collage of photos from the first meeting with Allianoi in the “House-2”.

      “When we first met eyes… Darling, I’m so proud that you’re my wife, I am so thankful for my son, I am incredibly happy to be your husband and go through life with you, I love you with all my heart and together we’ll get through everything! Forgive me for the past, forgive the present, not sufficiently attentive to you, thank you for your kindness, warmth, sometimes inappropriate jokes, but very funny, thank you for what you are! I love you,” admitted Alexander.

      We will remind, in the beginning of this year Gobozov married a second time. The couple acknowledge that the second wedding was somewhat different from the one they had for the first time. Young parents are more seriously approached the issue of creating a family and already knew what kind of responsibility you take. Alexander and Aliana with great effort reconnected and returned the trust.

      Aliana Gobozova celebrated the second anniversary of the heir

      “Such excitement as the first time, was not, – admitted Aliana Gobozova. – I will not say that we got married spur of the moment, but it all happened so fast, unconsciously, under the influence of love. Now we came to the registry office, knowing what we want and why we need it. I hope for good this time. Sasha joked: “As if married not in the habit”. You know, there’s a movie – “the Habit to marry”. His characters constantly got divorced and got back together again. I wouldn’t, but to conduct a wedding ceremony in the traditions of every country we visit, that would be great. It’s a good habit!”

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