Alexander Gingerbread lost their homes, family and work

Александр Пряников лишился жилья, семьи и работы
In the life of TV presenter and showman came a difficult period.

Alexander Gingerbread

Photo: “7 Days”

Because of the debt on the loan Alexander of Gingerbread was in
the difficult financial situation that resulted in loss of jobs and family strife.
In the incident, the TV host and the showman blames only himself, as he himself admitted
a recent interview. Together with his wife Aksinya Gur’yanovoy they in 2005 took
loan to build a house in Balashikha, which amount was 100
of thousands of dollars, putting as collateral the rights to the future home. For
the next seven years, they had timely made the monthly payment, total
payments amounted to 80 thousand dollars.

“But the construction
townhouse stalled! told Gingerbread. — It turned out that the construction
organizations experiencing problems with land rights, allegedly occurred
raider seizure. The walls were erected under the roof, but construction was frozen.”
According to the presenter, when it became clear that the dream of a “family nest”
collapsed, fell apart and their marriage with Gur’yanovoy, as the family had very
the tense situation.

Soon, problems emerged with the work. The Bank refused to take
the Deposit, as suggested by Alexander, apparently he did not understand some of
the clauses of the contract, because he is an artist, not a lawyer. “Then began the penalty
sanctions — continues to Gingerbread. — All my accounts and cards were blocked
at the request of bailiffs. I was awarded over $ 4 million debt.”

Travel abroad Pryanikova was closed. “I worked
TV presenter and talked about travelling to different countries, explains
Alexander. — This job was my only nurse. So I left without
home, no family, problems at work and duty on the Bank”. Alexander said,
that their problems blames nobody, and told his story to
to warn the others.