Alexander Emelianenko has made parole

Александр Емельяненко добился досрочного освобождения Famous athlete gets out of prison. Last year Alexander Emelianenko was sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment. In August, he filed a motion to reduce the term of stay behind a lattice.

      Александр Емельяненко добился досрочного освобождения

      In may last year, the court convicted the well-known mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko. The man had to pay 50 thousand rubles as a fine, and spend four and a half years in prison for violent action against the housekeeper. However, in August this year, he has a chance to be released earlier – and Alexander took advantage of this opportunity. Now Emelianenko is released from prison. The lawyer of the injured women Alexander Karabanov said on the social network that wants to athletic success.

      “I hope he learned the right lessons from its difficult situation, has revised its views on norms of behaviour in society. And dignified, like a champion, get up after a knockout. Today, he must be freed on PAROLE and I wish him to vent his incredible power only on the sports ring, praising the strength of character and Russian sport!” – wrote Karabanov.
      Александр Емельяненко добился досрочного освобождения

      Throughout the time that Alexander was serving in the colony, he showed himself from the best side. He played sports, promote healthy lifestyle, and was not seen for any kind of violations. That is why the athlete was able to achieve early release. His attorney Kakhaber Dolaze tell “StarHit” that after Emelianenko will be released, he is thinking to continue his athletic career.

      “He’s in great physical shape: spends a lot of time in the gym. In the penal colony equipped with a special room, it has no any special equipment, but who needs that will find how to work out. Of course, he plans to return to Boxing when I get out. I’m sure he many more “kick”. As far as I know, he has already received offers from several promoters,” said the defender.

      Last year, while in the detention center, Alexander married his beloved Pauline. The whole family was happy for this Union, and therefore no problem inferior woman Dating with your spouse. Alexander Emelianenko requests early release

      “Sometimes their meeting last night. The mother and all the relatives lost her this right – so the lovers see each other often. And we, the lawyers, hold it for two hours-three, shared a lawyer. – Sasha is a regular guest at the local library. Last read – “War and peace” Leo Tolstoy – knows by heart and “the Quiet don” Michael Sholokhov”.