Alexander Domogarova was awarded the prize for the tendency to extreme

Александру Домогарову вручили приз за склонность к экстриму
At the film festival “Constellation” actor became an honorary stuntman.

Alexander Domogarov with the prize of the festival “Constellation”

Photo: Paul Neighbors

At the film festival “Constellation”, held in Yaroslavl, Alexander Domogarov has won a prize in the nomination “the Best male role of the second plan” for the film “Big”. Also, he was recognized as an honorary stuntman, because most of the stunts in the movie he plays himself. “Remember how you beat me in the face? — jokingly asked Alexander, the President of the Guild of stuntmen of Russia Alexander Inshakov. — After such a shock can not survive!” — “Beaten, but loving, so the face and kept,” he retorted.

Noted at the festival, and other bright actor — Evgenie Mironov. The screen actors Guild cinema of Russia, awarded the actor “For outstanding contribution to the profession.” “That festival was the beginning of my recognition, and recognition among colleagues, perhaps, the most difficult, this is the highest level. It is possible to obtain the recognition of the audience, and among colleagues will be a certain alienation. No, I took our brotherhood very warm, and this began my acting journey, I am very grateful to the “Constellation”, — said Mironov.

This is the first year the festival was a competition of short films of actors-Directors for the Prize named Vera Glagoleva. This is not the first award that was named in this year the name of the deceased star. Awarding the prize to “House of cinema”, which also gave the name of the actress and Director Vera Glagoleva, was the most touching moment of the celebration of the 29th birthday of the Guild of actors of Russia. The winner of the prize was the actress Julia Melnikova, who starred at Glagoleva in her picture “One war”: her talent Faith was highly valued. The right to transfer the award into the hands of the winner trusted middle daughter Glagoleva — Maria Nahapetova.