Александр Домогаров-младший рассказал о съемках в «Елках-5»
The actor once again plays in the continuation of the famous Comedy.

Alexander Domogarov Jr. on the set of “Christmas Trees 5”

Photo: @sanekdomogarov (Instagram Alexander Domogarova Jr.)

Started shooting the fifth part of the franchises of the Christmas “Tree”
film company Bazelevs.
In one of the novels skier and snowboarder playing again Alexander
Domogarov Jr. and Alexander Golovin. And although the characters got girls all
their mind is computer games. But for the new year holiday, so he
went through all the traditions, they are concerned about finding trees.

“Our heroes, to celebrate the New year
you have to steal the trees — said 7days.ru
Alexander Domogarov Jr. — I was very glad to work again with Sasha
Golovin — for the fifth time! For our next shooting in the “Christmas Trees” as the beginning
the new school year after the holidays, we meet as old friends. Even colleagues
ask: “Guys, you and the life of friends?”. No, unfortunately, because
employment outside of the area to communicate not so, we do with Sasha is very
dense graphics. I was glad to see all the other actors of the “Trees”: and those
who’ve done this before, and those who are removed for the first time – our team of their
greeted very warmly”.

Premiere Christmas Comedy “Christmas Tree 5” is scheduled for 29
December 2016.

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