Александр Домогаров рассказал, почему отрекся от брата после смерти родителей On the eve of the 55th anniversary, the actor admitted that from early childhood did not get along with brother due to a decade of age difference and different interests. After the death of his parents, Alexander Domogarov voluntarily gave the eldest relative their apartment, as it was hard for him to appear in the house where he lived with his beloved mother and father.
Александр Домогаров рассказал, почему отрекся от брата после смерти родителей

The star of cult films, Lovelace and the favorite of millions of fans — Alexander Domogarov long been accustomed to its soaring popularity. On July 12, the artist will celebrate the anniversary, he will be 55 years old. In honor of this important date, the actor has decided to give a Frank interview in which he talked about the main milestones of his career, about creativity and family relationships.

As it turned out, the artist in childhood have had to put up with his father’s strictness. According to Domogarova, he was the main protector of their family, so after his death his sons had to take care of mom.

“Father was a very strict man. The father was the authority of authorities, never cried, and if you even slightly raise your voice, you can run and hide. Adopted rules were immutable. Mom’s life was her father — a stone impenetrable wall – and very used to it. When his father died, it was extremely difficult. Until she and veterochek did not reach, and suddenly the winds blew! And my brother couldn’t her father be replaced, though, and tried,” – said Domogarov.
Александр Домогаров рассказал, почему отрекся от брата после смерти родителей

11 years later died and the mother Domogarova Natalia Petrovna. According to the artist, this was a big blow. “It’s hard, when you realize that nobody’s going to Pat on the head… Then years pass, you get used to it, calmly respond: Yes, not Pat – well, what now” – shared experiences, the star of theatre and film.

Now Alexander does not appear in the apartment, where his parents lived. Difficult for him to speak about the demise of mom and dad. The estate eventually went to the elder brother of the artist Andrew with whom they were never very close. Impact and ten-year age difference and diametrically opposed interests.

“In childhood we have had scandals. He is a pure technician, his ability in mathematics, and I’m in it, as in chemistry and physics, did not understand belmesa. Didn’t understand why the train, which travels from point A to point B is late for 20 minutes! Andrei tried in childhood to me to do, but it is not long enough. He shouted: “You’re stupid!” In response, I sat down at the piano and played. Asked: “can You do it?” He poked at the keys with one finger – in music the brother was not stronger than me in mathematics,” recalled Domogarov.

Now the artist not only proud of its achievements, but also the creative experiments of son Alexander Domogarova-mladschego. 29-year-old heir of the famous names followed in the footsteps of his father, successfully combining acting and directing. And even with second wife Irina Domogarov long ago parted with his son, he formed a close and trusting relationship. However, the actor still reproaches himself for the rigor in education of the heir, which showed many years ago.

“When he was in the fifth grade or sixth, it is the Ira, his mother, complained. Said behaving disgracefully. I then started in a raised voice to explain something. Sasha sat in front of me and tried to hold back not to cry — he was trembling lips, but he was attached – and suddenly one tear rolled down. I like the heart cut. How many years have passed, and remember. Age makes you soft, and I had several times asked forgiveness for the suggestion”, – shared Domogarov

Was at Domogarova and another son Dmitri, who was killed in an accident at the age of 23 years. Despite the fact, since the tragedy of ten years, the artist still difficult to talk about loss.

Dealing with “Telenedelya” the actor admitted that with age he became increasingly immersed in memories. Domogarov does not hide that he is, don’t be ashamed, but proud of also abound.