Александр Домогаров раскрыл подробности скандала в театре
Actor on items addressed the whole situation.

Alexander Domogarov

Alexander Domogarov
to the limit angered some insights
representatives of the media on his work in the theater.City Council, and especially the fact that it
call a person suffering from alcohol
addiction. We will remind, some days
ago, the actor announced via social media that
wrote a dismissal of the resignation, and later
deleted the post and urged not to believe
published on the Internet. Today
at night, the actor has decided to place all points
the “i”, published
a detailed post about the current state of Affairs
on his page in the social network.

“Well, gentlemen, you
read what they wanted to read.
However, you’re a little wrong, it’s not
emotions, says Domogarov. — You wanted
to know the truth? So — the truth is,
what some of you do
asked me to cooperate and to pour
mud at the Mossovet Theatre. I refused. And
for what I did, I got such
perfect and a deep understanding of my
stay in the Theater. Well what can we say?
Nothing. Only one thing: sorry. Sorry
what did not meet your expectations! And
to drink something once was, I’m sorry, but if
would suggest, that with pleasure! Read
what you write… “people’s artist Alexander
Domogarov wrote emotionally wrote
post on Facebook about their care
from theater. City Council due to “actions
colleagues” and due to the fact that it was taken from
all of the performances. Then he post this
as emotionally removed”
. Sorry
not emotionally, but in request. “Intrigue
in a situation with Domogarova no.
The situation is ripe for a long time”
. Very interesting
date! “And matured. Alcohol dependence
artist (and in his case this is a serious
the disease, which carries personal
it probably is a photo
evening 50 years Oli Cape, where I attributed a
stroke. “…not compatible with
in the theater”
. I would like to clarify… “It
therefore, the artist was removed from roles in
repertoire performances. Dismissal
speech does not go. It’s emotional
(probably not sober)…”
Thank you
in brackets, it’s a shame to be honest… “Alcoholic
dependent Domogarov himself does not recognize”
Let’s lie here? Go
rehabilitation, or as it is called?
You know better. I can disassemble
this libel, but I will say one thing:
to write someone who deeply something hurt.
I feel very sorry for him! Life isn’t very
just, someone points one
it is very cruel. So, ladies and gentlemen! This
the output of the press. I can tell who wrote
he offered to cooperate. In response
heard the word no. And last:
was given 8 performances from 20 February to 2
March, and on February 19 at the Theater
The city Council was the performance “the Cherry garden”.
That doesn’t tally up with alcohol, citizens

Recall, on the eve
a scandal erupted because
publication the actor in
the social network, where he announced his dismissal
from the theater Mossovet. The actor wrote,
that it literally “survived” colleagues. But
later his confession, the actor was removed from