Александр Добрынин публично оскорбил дочь, с которой не виделся 25 лет The man made a scene during the filming of the program “Hello, John”. Alexander Dobrynin first talked to the heir, which for many years living in Austria. But the conversation went wrong, and the musician remembered all old grudges.
Александр Добрынин публично оскорбил дочь, с которой не виделся 25 лет

Alexander Dobrynin is famous in the whole country in the 80s, when he performed the song “Pink roses”. Under the composition ignited on the dance floor, and the acquaintance with the artist dream of many girls.

Now the singer lives in Moscow with his mother. He does not hide that relations with children and wives had not happened. Man many years have not seen heirs, for which he is sometimes ashamed. In the program “Hello, Andrew,” Dobrynin had the opportunity to talk to my daughter living abroad. However, communication is eventually turned into a real scandal.

“We were supposed to meet for the first time in 2015. Agreed that we’ll meet at the circus. In the end, she arrived to one place to another. Here’s my question to angelina. You’re a grown woman, born in Moscow, you could not call? Don’t know whether to contact me? And I really wanted to see you, my daughter,” said the musician.
Александр Добрынин публично оскорбил дочь, с которой не виделся 25 лет

However, when the daughter of the singer began to tell how she sees the situation, Alexander was beside himself. He raised his voice, causing almost a scandal. However, Dobrynin said that he would like to meet with angelina and willing to do it during her next visit to Moscow.

The girl wondered why all these years, dad never tried to get with her. Then Dobrynin again flared up, emotionally speaking about the cause of a protracted family quarrel.

“Your mother threw me then, she had other relationships. I was in shock, literally heartbroken. Wanted to commit suicide, so I was shocked by this situation. You do not know much, my darling. Don’t know how I loved her. So no complaints,” said Dobrynin.

The behavior of the actor caused a negative reaction among the invited guests. They considered it wrong to condemn the mother of the girl, which the man had not maintained contact throughout her life.

Alexander himself expressed the hope that soon all will see your daughter. “Come to Moscow, I really want you to see. But without the young man that I do not need. And then another picture I have taken away” – sharply expressed Dobrynin.

Fellow artists on the stage expressed the hope that with time he will be able to communicate with all children. Yet that same man is clearly happy with the sad state of Affairs.