Александр Демидов стал виновником ДТП?

Participants “the Quartet And” Alexander Demidov accused in an accident. Polzovatel peek-a-Boo under the name of Captain Galaxy added post in which I wrote the story of the accident. According to him, the star was the cause of the incident.

Александр Демидов стал виновником ДТП?

A traffic accident happened at 10 am in the district of the Volgograd Prospekt. “I want to share an absolutely outrageous case, writes a witness of the incident in his post on the portal. — Driving in the right lane on the TTC of 90 kilometers per hour. In the rear mirror I see how my lane pretty quickly approaching a white jeep. Assess the situation and realize that to beat me he will not work, as I quickly catch the car in the left lane from me. Thought and switched on his thoughts. A second later, you hear a sharp blow, throwing me to the right, a white jeep out into the sunset. In General, it is quite ordinary situation. Spitting after the jeep stops at the emergency gang, download a recording from Regina, cause GAI. After 2 hours, comes outfit. I gave them the circumstances of the incident, said the number of car, its make and model. The policeman looked at his laptop, chuckled, and called to me. Monitor looked at me Alexander Demidov…”

According to the user and the victim in the incident, an accident — no doubt, because the same white jeep can be seen on some photos of stars. Since this story was are multiplayer portal Peekaboo under it turned the whole battle of the comments. Most users take the side of the victim and try to encourage Demidov learns to behave on the road. At this point, Demidov not commentary of all charges.

But one accident not happened, and it became known yesterday that the actor got into another one. At this time, is already 11 o’clock, his white jeep drove into the oncoming lane, where it collided with the van, passengers which were injured and sent to hospital. It became known that the driver had two passengers Azerbaijani nationality — driving 26-year-old Immagin Ainalov and sitting next to 28-year-old Mansur Shamraev. Unlike ostavshegosya unharmed Demidova, Ainalov received a fracture of the right shoulder, leg and went to the hospital with a concussion, and passenger — head injury. Demidov was unharmed, but the car will have to pay for major repairs.

If in the first accident, the traffic police did not find the actor who does not even stanovimsya AI went on, in the second — they managed to talk to Demidov and take his analysis on the amount of alcohol in the blood. The tests will be ready only in a month. But the actor failed to go unpunished. It was drawn up under article 12.24, for which he should pay 5 thousand roubles or will lose their driver’s license for a year and a half.