Alexander Demidov stopped to chat with his daughter

Александр Демидов перестал общаться с родной дочерью The star of “the Quartet And” revealed a family secret. In the “one” actor, author and performer Alexander Demidov frankly told, why does not communicate with the eldest daughter from his first marriage, how she decided to marry for the third time and for some reason a long time abused alcohol.
Александр Демидов перестал общаться с родной дочерью

Actor “Emperor” Alexander Demidov 47 years, his filmography includes about 20 works, he is actively working in theatre, composes and performs original songs, a lot of and successfully goes on tour. However, the personal life of the actor was not formed at once.

His parents divorced when Demidov was very young. Demidov remained with his mother, who, he said, had been drinking, and the boy was left to himself, felt “anyone’s”. Then Alexander’s father, Sergei Demidov, took his son to his new family. But there was the future actor was not happy – he had half sisters-twins and parents – the father and the stepmother – all the love gave to daughters.

“I felt that the sisters’ love more and I disturb father to live,” said Alexander in a program of Timur Kizâkova “When all the houses”.

Александр Демидов перестал общаться с родной дочерью

The artist believes that it is because of this childhood, he did not immediately developed and its family life. Alexander Demidov married for the third time. The first time he married in the late 90s Svetlana Schwartz, a psychologist by profession. Marriage did not save even the birth of her daughter Sophia in 2000. Some time after the divorce, Alexander maintained contact with her daughter, but now, sadly admits Demidov, the relationship came to naught. Despite the divorce with his second wife, the actor continues to communicate with his son Ignat, and even his current third wife Margaret has managed to make contact with the stepson.

“I have two children. A daughter from his first marriage and a son from his second. Sonya for 18 years. But we somehow lost touch, some resentment went and misunderstanding… And Ignatouski nine, them I have a full understanding and order. Rita, too. He saved me from depression. And I wrote him a song,” – said Alexander Demidov.
Александр Демидов перестал общаться с родной дочерью

Now Demidov says that finally found personal happiness. With third wife Margaret they met during the filming of the film “Faster than rabbits”, she first gave him signs of attention, and he reciprocated. The couple married in 2013, and despite all the gossip, still together. Demidov spoke about his love for his wife in every interview. The actor expresses gratitude for the fact that she was always there and helped him to establish a relationship with the birth mother, to cope with addiction. Alexander said, why had been drinking.

“Because at home waiting for the cold bed and the vacuum cleaner running. Where the energy to draw? She runs out, and you start to fill it, because there is no love, no support”, – told the artist.

And wife Margaret, according to Alexander, accepts and loves him in any state. “She kisses my feet! I started to open because Retinol love. Frankly, I was stunned, I sometimes think that I don’t meet such love,” he said.