Alexander Child exposed ample Breasts in a public place

Александра Ребенок обнажила пышный бюст в общественном месте
37-year-old actress was convicted of “lewd” act.

Alexander Child son

Photo: @sasharebenok Instagram Alexandra Child

Alexander child is enjoying the motherhood. In July of this year the actress first became a mother. The star of the series “School” was born a son, whom, in spite of shooting a movie, the actress is trying not to be separated.

To combine motherhood with a career is a difficult task, especially in the first year of a child’s life. After all, the baby every few hours to feed. But what if in this moment we are shooting? Or a show in the theater? Alexander found a way out from situations when she can’t be alone with the baby in a separate room for feeding. The actress has adapted to breastfeeding without the slightest hesitation in front of everyone. Today the Child has published a photo, which caught just one of the above points.

Act Alexandra, however, received no support from her subscribers. It was called frankly obscene. According to followers, there was nothing to throw on the shoulder, the thin fabric to hide such an intimate process from prying eyes. And even more, say fans shouldn’t have to publish this photo online. “I’m all for breastfeeding and also killers, but I somehow
it did not occur to photograph this process, and especially, to spread the network… was That necessary?” — surprised readers microblog Alexandra. The child explained that such bold behavior agitates young mothers not to be ashamed of this process.

We will remind that about the secret wedding of Alexandra and Alexei Vertkov, the baby’s father, it became known in January of this year.Spouse protect his family from unnecessary attention. Roman Alexandra and Alexei
started two years ago on the set of the painting “goodbye,