Alexander Buynova not reported heart attack brother

Александру Буйнову не сообщили об инфаркте брата A relative of the popular Russian performer was hospitalized with a heart attack in one of the capital’s hospitals. Arcadia Buynova wife worried about his condition. This is not the first case when the brother of famous artist is taken to a hospital by ambulance.

      Александру Буйнову не сообщили об инфаркте брата

      Alexander Buinov recently celebrated their 66th anniversary, inviting to the feast with many friends. The event was held in a warm tent luxurious mansion by, which was decorated with balloons and a nice label. However, according to the newspaper, the relatives of the stars at the festival were not present. Alexander has 76-year-old brother Arkady, who lives nearby. Before it became known that he was urgently hospitalized with a heart attack.

      Arkady’s wife reported that his condition is unimportant, but she hoped for the best. What happened to Alexander still said nothing. “Why bother man? The more he the holiday. When was the last time her husband collapsed with a heart attack, we said nothing too, but Sasha somehow found out: fussed, doctors found a ticket to the sanatorium knocked. Uncomfortable this is. God will cost you everything!” said the wife Arcadia. In the hospital no details about men’s health not reported.

      Rumor has it that a relative of the stars on it are quite similar for men of different interests, lifestyle, and more. Also Buynova Arcadia neighbors argue, that the relationship with his famous brother, he goes not as often and prefers to stay away from social events. Unites them only one thing – a passion for singing. Arkady sings in the choir at the Church of Michael the Archangel and lives in a small farmhouse.

      As reported by the familiar Lush, Sr., he is a modest person and a believer, loves the work and always something to master in my house. “Our father appreciates Arkady Nikolaevich. He likes to associate with his brother, even the nickname came up with himself – Leo Tolstoy that only Voinovym not called. The beard, loves to philosophize, definitely the author of “War and peace”! In his youth on TV the big man was headed the editorial office of musical programs. Then retirement came and was in our Church choir to sing. His voice is good and strong,” said a worker of the Church of “Express Gazeta”.

      By the way, a few years ago, pop star Alexander Buinov was treated for a serious illness. Doctors discovered he had signs of prostate cancer. The actor underwent several courses of chemotherapy and he underwent surgery. Despite the difficulties with health, he didn’t cancel his concerts, and sometimes the doctors gave him shots right before the show.

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