Александр Буйнов встретит Новый год с Аллой Пугачевой в замке The singer has told about plans for the holidays. Like many others, he is looking forward to celebrations. Since the violent tired to organize gala dinners at home, he prefers to go to visit friends.

Alexander Buinov prefers to spend New year with family and friends. This time the actor is planning to go on a visit to Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin – in their castle located in the village of Mud. The famous couple likes to gather friends for a celebratory dinner. Many stars come to them together with children who communicate and play with Harry and Lisa Galkinym. The castle is decorated with fir branches and festive garlands.

“Allah can do everything and always says to the guests: “This dish was done under my direction, but I had to cook personally!” You can believe her – she’s the mistress of a noble. Until recent time the New year, we always celebrated at our house. There were lots of guests – from 70 up to 150 people. But then we were tired, was too lazy to organize, and we are from such large-scale holiday refused. Sometimes even I want to celebrate the New year in silence, but it turns out differently. Come to a mysterious castle to the Queen, we meet the feast, and then after midnight I’m going to work a little bit,” says violent.

According to Alexander, his wife never against the fact that he spends time in the company of smart women. Recently, in the microblogging Buynova had footage of one of the most sexiest singers of the national stage: Ani Lorak, Vera Brezhneva, Nyusha… According to the singer, his wife tries not to be jealous of her husband to other women.

“The wife used to. I was lucky with the wife though, because she also likes the pretty women in the best sense of the word. Long ago, in 1995 when we just met her, once walked through the dark passage. We had the first feelings – romance is solid. People in transition are few, and suddenly Alena said, “did You see how woman is now gone? How she carries, she’s so beautiful and elegant!” I turned around and immediately regretted it. Just slap wasn’t,” recalled the violent one in conversation with the newspaper “Sobesednik”.

Recall, the violent happily married with Alice since 1985. He says that the wife is the most desirable woman in his life.