Alexander Buinov was published with a stranger

Александр Буйнов вышел в свет с незнакомкой Lovely lady accompanied the singer at the concert of Trofim. Alexander Buinov admitted that all who saw him with a mysterious companion, responding to their a couple very hard. Mater added that his wife Alena knew where and who he is.

      Александр Буйнов вышел в свет с незнакомкой

      The famous singer Alexander Buinov has amazed the audience, who came last Friday at the jubilee concert of the singer Sergey Trofimov in the concert hall “Mir” on the Colored Boulevard.

      The fact that Alexander Buinov came to the concert of stars of a chanson, accompanied by nobody famous and very spectacular ladies. Beautiful stranger photographed together with the Maestro, laying her head on his shoulder. The behavior of the pair in concert caused a lot of questions from fans of the 66-year-old singer, who know perfectly well that violent for more than thirty years of happy marriage with his wife Alena. Alexander Buinov told about the conflicts in the family

      Knowing what fire he threw tonight wood, the singer was quick to explain it all to the subscribers of his microblog. As it turned out, Alan knew where and with whom to spend time with her beloved husband.

      “Alena sent me! No, with his girlfriend from the Dnieper! On the anniversary of Sergey Trofimov. He is fifty years old! The people met us with a friend of stress”, – wrote Alexander Buinov.

      Apparently, the joke and the reaction to it the public loved adoring jokes Buynovo. His post, he was accompanied by the hashtag “funny”, “funny”, “Yuk it up.”.

      Fans made fun of a great joke with him. “Ha ha, well, Alena! Well gave! Good that he told the truth, Yes! Well, as you can not to love?” “What a beautiful woman!” – are followers of Alexander Buynova.

      It is worth noting that Allen is the third wife of a famous artist, which he found a real family happiness. Last summer the couple celebrated pearl wedding, the thirtieth anniversary of joint life.

      Two previous marriage, Alexander Bujnov not brought him the peace and feeling of safety behind which people hope to gain by creating a family. Violent met Alyona when he was in a second marriage. Beautiful, kind and open girl won his heart forever. Now Buinova live in a large hospitable house where guests often gather. Alena was great with my daughter husband from his second marriage Julia and considers her three children, their grandchildren. Alexander Buinov has a reputation as the consummate grandfather. He doted of a grandson and granddaughters Sasha-twins Sophia and Dasha.