Alexander Buinov told about the disease of Alla Pugacheva

Александр Буйнов рассказал о болезни Аллы Пугачевой On Thursday, residents of the capital said goodbye to the famous composer and producer Pavel Slobodkina, who died recently at the age of 72 years. Alla is not able to attend the funeral ceremony, as badly felt.
Александр Буйнов рассказал о болезни Аллы Пугачевой

On 10 August in Moscow was held the funeral of the composer Pavel Slobodkin, the founder of the ENSEMBLE “Jolly fellows”. To say goodbye to the musician came to his family, friends and colleagues, including Joseph Kobzon, Vladimir Matetskiy and Alexander Buinov. Man read the burial service in Trinity Church and was buried at Kuntsevo cemetery.

The Buinov gave the family Slobodkin a letter from Diva, which once began his career in his ensemble. The late composer was called the “godfather” of Alla. Thanks to the joint work with him Pugacheva at the time, received the Grand Prix of the international festival “Golden Orpheus” in Bulgaria. According to Buynova, people’s artist of the USSR continued to maintain good relations with Slobodkina. However, Alla Borisovna not able to attend the funeral of an old friend due to health problems.

“They communicated. Alla asked me to send close Slobodkin condolences and to lay a wreath at the grave of Pavel Yakovlevich on her behalf. Alla she could not come because of feeling ill. Really bad. It’s not an excuse. I know it well. Especially about the health is not customary to joke”, — said Alexander Buinov.
Александр Буйнов рассказал о болезни Аллы Пугачевой

The singer also told about the years spent as part of VIA “Jolly fellows”. The violent continues to fondly remember the joint work with Pavel Slobodkina. The actor said that the team was not any behind-the-scenes intrigues and scandals.

“We have thanks to Slobodkina were democratic ensemble. Although we wanted to play rock, jazz. Slobodkin, we do not forbid but carefully directed in the right direction. We were young then, did not understand the complexity of its administrative work,” shared the artist.

Pavel Slobodkin has opened up many new names in the domestic show-business. In the 70-ies of the man personally promoted next hit of Alla Pugacheva, which she went to Bulgaria, in the offices of officials. “He made not only a brilliant arrangement of the famous “harlequin”, but managed to defend this song in high offices, to convince the inarticulate “artistic Council” to approve the smash hit”, — quotes Buynova “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Recall that the 72-year-old composer and producer passed away August 8 in his Moscow apartment. According to some, recent years Pavel Slobodkin struggled with cancer. Alla Pugacheva devoted friend and colleague, post on Instagram, which said goodbye to him and thanked for the joint work. Alla Pugacheva asked for forgiveness from a deceased friend

“Our dear Pasha! Sorry to see you leave this mortal world. Know that that part of my life that is associated with you, lit by our youth, the pursuit of goals, sometimes seemingly unattainable, happiness, success and bitterness of failure will remain with me until my dying day…” — wrote in the microblog Diva.