Alexander Buinov told about the dangers of holiday on the French Riviera

Александр Буйнов рассказал об опасностях отдыха на Лазурном берегу Франции
The singer opened the eyes of fans of the dangerous local fauna.

Александр Буйнов рассказал об опасностях отдыха на Лазурном берегу Франции

Alexander Buinov

Photo: Instagram

Who would have thought that the advertised all over the world resort — the Riviera —
vacationers many dangers. About varied unpleasant
situations you may encounter unwary tourist, told
Alexander Bujnov — it is there now rests the artist.

The singer warned her fans that the resort can easily
Rob. To avoid this, the Villa, which stopped the artist, protects
a unit of guards with attack dogs.

“Say to those who do not understand, why such “excesses”, —
signed Alexander photo, posted on his personal page in the social
network. — Here boys blacks and Arabs breaking into houses, attacked with bats, knives,
firearms… My neighbor was robbed three times! This is not Russia, so
what love the Motherland”.

The next day, going to the beach to sunbathe and
to swim in the Mediterranean sea, the singer faced a danger of another kind:
one of the most dangerous types of reptiles — the Komodo dragon. However, the lizard was
the small size, and saved star.

“Still, he jumped at me! — shares violent. — Vrancic
basking in the sun, and then he wanted to eat me!” Using a small
the size of lizards (he has recently hatched from eggs) violent raised
the animal’s tail… and bit him! By the way, even a small bite of the lizard, facing the artist, are dangerous to humans, as if the lizard bites a victim’s skin, the patient can easily
to blood poisoning.

Photo: Instagram