Alexander Buinov told about her affair with Alla Pugacheva

Александр Буйнов рассказал о своем романе с Аллой Пугачевой
The singer revealed the mysteries of his past.

Alexander Buinov and Alla Pugacheva

Photo: archive

This weekend in the program “million dollar Secret” by Lera Kudryavtseva on straight talk comes people’s artist of Russia
Alexander Buinov, where it will reveal all the juicy details of his personal life.

frankly will tell you about two failed marriages, the second wife of infidelity and how
his third wife is a producer here
for 30 years it keeps a tight rein, not allowing to dispose of even
family budget. The singer also tells about the complex relationship with
daughter and bring all her grandchildren.

Valley will come to the Studio for the programme to remember those times
when Alexander was hiding from her future spouse at home, and tell who and why they were threatened. Olesya
Sudzilovskaya will reveal a secret, that the wife gives her precious Buynova
jewelry, and Yegor Konchalovsky is recognized as taught to kiss
the famous singer with the model in the presence of jealous

As well as in the program “the Secret to a million” will appear
Alla Pugacheva, which the artist was an office romance, and will tell the truth about their relationship, why they are six years did not communicate with her ex-husband Philip Kirkorov
and remember how Alexander Buinov miraculously survived.