Александр Буйнов мечтает о поцелуе с Аллой Пугачевой The singer revealed a secret desire. Alexander Buinov is friends with Alla Pugacheva for a long time. Despite the fact that they have their own family, the actor, apparently, hopes to someday achieve the goal.
Александр Буйнов мечтает о поцелуе с Аллой Пугачевой

Alla Pugacheva and Alexander Buinov have been friends for more than 40 years. In 1974, the Diva became part of the band “Jolly fellows”. It was then that the artists met and are still in a wonderful relationship, communicate with families, often visiting each other and met together for the holidays.

Alla said that they with Alexander once even broke the novel, however, he quickly faded. However, still violent in the soul holds a secret desire. Alla Pugacheva remembered about the novel by Alexander Buynova

“I confess that I dream to kiss Alla… a lot!” – said the musician.
Александр Буйнов мечтает о поцелуе с Аллой Пугачевой

Despite the fact that Alla is a young husband Maxim Galkin, with whom violent is also in friendly terms, it does not prevent the artist to make such indiscreet statements. Alexander is a little upset that due to a successful solo career, the Diva had to leave the “Funny guys”. He believes that if not for this fact, it is possible that they continued to always work together. The actor admires the fact that over time Alla Borisovna has not changed.

“Alla awesome as he was, and remained. Now she has the protection to include, because it happens. She’s actually normal, cool person! We are bandits, hooligans. And Alla the same. When we worked in the “Fun guys”, she was in the chorus, but sang a few songs. It was very cool. Maybe we would be with her and didn’t mate for life, if she hadn’t started a solo career. But so turned that the circumstances and management decision”, – told violent.
Александр Буйнов мечтает о поцелуе с Аллой Пугачевой

Alexander also boasts a strong family – with his wife Alena they are together for more than 30 years. He has admitted in love the third wife, however, this does not prevent him to dream of a cherished kiss from the Diva. Alexander Buinov has admitted to cheating second wife

Violent Alena admires and admits that she is much more advanced than him. The singer admits that his gadgets are exhausting, and because it is only necessary picks up the phone. Wife is trying to make his life more comfortable, and because it eliminates some of the hassle.

“She told me on the phone and even clothes. Knows that I hate shopping. So she orders the house. I come try on. What I like, I take!” – told the violent in conversation with the “Source”.