Александр Гобозов довел Алиану Устиненко до истерики разговором о ребенке Not all former spouses can establish a relationship even for a child. Alexander Gobozov sure that his former fiancee — a bad mother, so he wants to take his son to him. Aliana Ustinenko is not happy that Robert is going to live with another woman.

Party “House-2” Alexander Gobozov is currently in a relationship with Olga Zharikova. He builds serious plans for the girl. Gobozov is going to marry Olga and to leave the project to the same pair constantly suggests: perhaps soon they will have baby. Today Alexander is extremely unhappy with the way his ex-wife Aliana Ustinenko is raising their son, so he wants to take the boy to him.

Accumulated claims Gobozov expressed on Calvary. It is not satisfied that Aliana is very little time for the boy, for example, doesn’t drive him to daycare, so most of the concerns about the child borne by Gobozova.

“Eighty percent of the time the child lived with me. It is not necessary to tell everyone that you’re a single mother. Every day I leave the Clearing and take Robert’s in the garden!” — emotionally said Alexander.
Александр Гобозов довел Алиану Устиненко до истерики разговором о ребенке

Aliana strongly disagree with the former husband. She said the words of Alexander sound implausible, and it spends all the time with Robert and not his father. In addition, Ustinenko very frightened by the prospect that her son will live with another woman. “I’m not going to let some woman left to live with my son. Why I’m here? I’ll go! Then I’ll never have happiness and beloved man, will live as before!”, — almost crying said Aliana.

The outcome of this story is unknown, one thing is clear: Eliane and Alexander fails to maintain warm relations even for Robert. Recall Ustinenko Gobozov and lived in wedlock in 2013. The couple constantly fought, their conflict and interfered with the mother’s young people. In 2017, the couple decided to put an end to the relationship.

Fans Gobozova and Zharikova note that new relationships have a positive effect on participant of the reality show. Lately, he’s noticeably thinner and prettier. However, Alexander is not in a hurry to disclose the secret of his phenomenal transformation.

Alexander Gobozov: “Want more children”