Александр Бердников забрал близнецов из роддома The soloist of group “Roots” three days ago became the father of many children. Today, the musician went to the clinic to meet his wife and two charming daughters. Now Alexander Berdnikov has four children.

      Александр Бердников забрал близнецов из роддома

      Three days ago, the family of the soloist of group “Roots” Alexander Berdnikov was a joyful event – he became a dad adorable babies. His wife Olga gave birth to twins Magarcia. The artist did not conceal the names of the babies. Girls it was decided to call Valentine and rose. Heiress artist born weighing 2.5 and 2.8 kilograms.

      Today Alexander went to the hospital to pick up his wife. Especially for this happy father decorated the entrance to the clinic – set up arch in the shape of a heart and the couple made a beautiful bouquet. Alexander remembered the hours he spent waiting for the birth of daughters.

      “At night, at 3.30 I took Olga to the hospital. Well, there were no traffic jams. Girls were born at 11 am. Seven o’clock was, and after she was born, went home and fell asleep. I was exhausted, and I was constantly called up and congratulated”, – said the soloist of group “Roots”.
      Александр Бердников забрал близнецов из роддома

      Despite the fact that during all the time of birth Alexander was in the hospital, he did not go to the maternity ward, and waited patiently in the hallway.

      Alexander said that the wife’s pregnancy is going well – she was constantly under medical supervision. Berdnikov admitted that his wife and pretty quickly picked out names for daughters. Valentina was named after the mother of the singer, and Milan chose the name rose.

      Александр Бердников забрал близнецов из роддома

      Berdnikov admitted that he was not afraid of the upcoming sleepless nights – especially since he already has experience with two older children. He realizes that ready to do anything that girls grow up healthy and happy. According to the artist, just after the first ultrasound Olga became clear that in their family the twins. However, the gender of the children was unknown until recently.

      “Over the past two weeks, we bought everything we needed – crib, strollers. We knew that having twins, but didn’t know what sex is, so take all neutral colors, – say the happy parents. – The eldest daughter of Milan wanted girls were born, and son Marcel dreamed of a brother.”

      Alexander and Olga hope that the older children will help them with babies. Very soon their family will be another gala event, Milan will go to the first class.

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