Александр Бердников крестил дочерей The sacrament was held in the Church of the Holy Trinity in the Old Uptown. God Rose Valentina and became a close family Berdnikova people. By his wife, artist Olga, heiress were quiet and didn’t cry.
Александр Бердников крестил дочерей

Last year the soloist of group “Roots” became the father of many children. The musician’s wife gave him two daughters – Rose and Valentina. Parents of twins decided to baptize them into the Church family.

“The ritual we held at the Church of the Holy Trinity in the Old beacon hill – says “StarHit” Olga, wife of Alexander. – Here Sasha was married and baptized our older son Marcel and daughter Milan. Tradition to break did not. At the ceremony were invited only relatives.

The second parents of the girls had people close to us: Walecki my daughter Olesya and Sasha’s friend Vladimir. For this event the guys arrived to us from Rostov-on-don. The godmother Rose is the niece of husband of Tamara, godfather – Martin, a family friend. During the ceremony, the girls were very calm, almost whined. Heroically plunged into the baptismal font and completed the ritual.”

The mystery of Alexander, together with his wife were preparing for several months. The “new” Pope was chosen in the present crosses, and mother – gowns and towels, – continues Olga. – The Roses were cream-colored outfit, Get white. My daughter looked like a little Princess! After the ceremony we went to the restaurant. There are already guests increased. In total there were about a hundred people. Everyone said a lot of nice toast and dancing from the heart”.

Recall that the family Berdnikova grow two more children: 5-year-old son Marcel and daughter of Milan, which will go this year in first grade. Alexander is a very caring father who tries to spend a lot of time with heirs.