Александр Балуев признался, что пытается избавиться от детских комплексов The actor visited the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova. Baluev was told that she was pathologically shy. As a child, he could sit for hours in the closet, eavesdropping on adult conversations.
Александр Балуев признался, что пытается избавиться от детских комплексов

Alexander Baluev has earned the love of audiences after roles in the films “Muslim”, “Bless the woman”, “Moscow Saga”, “special Forces”… the Actor rarely gives interviews. He has a fairly closings lifestyle. In conversation with Tatyana Ustinova, the actor revealed why he decided to go to drama school, having overcome a childhood complexes.

“I was very flexible, very shy. When we came to visit my dad’s colleagues, my mom’s friend, I was hiding under the table or in a dark corner, could, in the wardrobe. Most importantly to me, the light did not reach. I loved their company, they talked a lot, discussing something, but being involved in this I didn’t take, just watched from the sidelines,” – said the ball.
Александр Балуев признался, что пытается избавиться от детских комплексов

Alexander said that as a child in the care of an older sister. She took him in music and secondary schools. In high school, in recognition of the artist, he gave up art education and hated the piano. What was once declared the father. The parent did not force his son to continue his studies at a music school.

“I failed the exam in “muzykalke”, that’s a shame, I broke down and went from there. In 15 years I am very fond of hockey, chasing the puck. I loved sports, wanted to be a professional hockey player. Like all athletes, read a little, but a lot was in the fresh air. I had health problems with his knees, had to leave skating. Then I started to read books, to watch good Soviet movie,” said Alexander.

Baluev noticed that always dreamed to work in the theater, becoming a movie star, he thought. One of the teachers told Alexander that he had an ugly appearance: “thin lips and a large nose that hangs over the top”. Baluev remember the statement of the teacher and did not attend the audition, auditions.

“Well, you are some kind of vague,” he said. I believed him and began to work in the theater. It was very interesting, I got to the Theater of the Soviet Army. We were there and played,” said ball.

Almost ten years after graduating from theatre school he was unemployed. However, in the early ‘ 80s, fortune smiled upon the actor. He actively began to act in films, do theatre, it’s one of the first Russian artists were invited to shoot the Directors of Hollywood. Despite the success, Baluev admitted that he still struggles with systems from childhood.

“For many years I struggle with this shyness. I she remained for life. I think it’s some kind of inflection in the profession. All these man-hours I spent on stage… She was supposed to leave?” – shared the ball.

At the end of the program, Alexander said that it is difficult to cheat, he pretty closed to most people. Also, the actor openly talked about their fears. “Deceive me not, though I would like. I’m afraid of excessive dependence. I’m afraid that my sense of myself does not coincide with the feeling of the audience. It will take some time I will not catch, it will go, but I did not hook this time. This line can always skip…” explained the artist.