Alexander Abdulov has loved only two women

Александр Абдулов любил в своей жизни только двух женщин
This was told by a friend of the actor.

Alexander Abdulov. 1982


“We became friends, and he told me a lot about myself, very personal — about how hard it was going through a divorce with Irina Alferova, — says Director Vladimir Fatyanov, who took Abdulova in his films “Loser” and “Route”. — Sasha said, then that life didn’t roamed the night in the city and was looking for death — came at a red light that he was hit by a car, or wrapped in a dark alley, to where he was attacked. And the car was, and skirmishes, but he miraculously remained unhurt. “I was thinking Abdulov, — I die early, I have something not completed. I don’t believe in the pointlessness of life — every man is born in order to accomplish its important mission on earth.” He told me how much it meant Irina and how he loves foster daughter Xenia, which has always considered his home. I can not say that Sasha was a man full of love, as it was rumored. “All artists are whores” is not about him. Abdulov with its beauty, solemnity and the army of fans was a man loyal and faithful to someone he truly loved. But really, I think he only loved two women — once Irina and then Yulya (Yuliya Abdulova, the second wife of the actor. — Approx. ed)”.

Fat’yanov said that when Abdul fell in love with the future wife at first sight.

“Sasha Julia just adored! And during the filming of “Route” came in with her, by the time they’re not married, but lived together. Julia was always there for him, even to the mountain we went up by helicopter. I have the feeling that she needed Sasha every minute, without it he could neither live nor breathe and constantly talked about it. I haven’t seen a happier couple! And what birthday Sasha gave Julia in Sochi — with the night skiing on the water slides at the water Park, a restaurant and a sea of flowers! Julia took in Krasnaya Polyana her dog, some small and very thoroughbred. And from this dog came the whole story. Even in Moscow, I helped Julia something to carry in her apartment near the metro station “Profsoyuznaya”. Sasha was somewhere on business. And was that the dog soon to see the puppies. I joked: “That’s how it is useful to visit the mountains, the mountain is to leave”. Julia somehow confused. “Something not said? — I asked. — I’m sorry.” She smiled: “pretty much, I’m pregnant”. So I learned that Sasha, Julia, will soon become parents. They seemed to have Abdulov is so much more important to come…”

The full interview can be read here.