Alex Yakubov suffered a heart attack

Алексей Якубов перенес инфаркт Star of the TV series “Cursed Paradise” is being treated. According to the actor, he felt ill at the airport when about to fly abroad. He was lucky that he timely appealed to the doctors, otherwise it could have turned out less happily.

      Алексей Якубов перенес инфаркт

      The actor Alexey Yakubov, remembered the Russian viewers of the serial films “the Investigator Tikhonov” and “Cursed Paradise”, had a heart attack. 56-year-old man wasn’t feeling well on the way to Latvia, where he was scheduled antrepriznyh performance “In a jazz only girls”.

      “I was going to fly to Riga, and then I twisted. Called the wife, she is advised to immediately contact the clinic. There did an EKG and found a heart attack. Immediately removed from the flight and was taken to the hospital,” – said Yakubov.
      Алексей Якубов перенес инфаркт

      As recognized actor, he was even able to warn the producer that I will not be able to play one of the roles in the play. Oleg Akulich, his colleague, was able to instantly go to Riga, to replace Alexis. According to Yakubov, he was lucky that he timely applied for medical help, otherwise the situation could have turned out less favorably.

      “Now I’m in the hospital. I hope next week will go. Well, that is not waved, and immediately came to doctors”, – said Alexey the journalists of “Express newspaper”.

      Yakubov actively acted in television series and plays in the theater. Many years of creative activity of Alexey devoted to “Satyricon”. In the play “In a jazz only girls” the whole situation unfolds on the eve of March 8. In preparation for the holiday men normal office drink a lot, have fun, think of the gifts, but in the end you begin to discuss women and their grievances on them. Along with Yakubova is played by Stanislav Sadalsky, Tatiana Vasilyeva, Igor Larin, Sergey Gromov and many other talented stars of the theater.