Alex smerfit staged a hot party in the bath

Алекс Смерфит устроил горячую тусовку в бане The businessman had a wonderful time in the company of friends. Some members Alex Smerfit decided that he loved to bathe after meeting TV presenter and model Victoria Bonneuil. Other users of social networks interested in the personality of a girl who was captured along with a young man.

      Apparently, the son of the Irish billionaire and former civil husband of Victoria Boni Alex smerfit knows how to relax. Recently the businessman has published a photo taken in the bath. In the picture, which appeared in social networks, Smurfit posing with a friend and a pretty girl in a revealing swimsuit. Apparently, the friends had a great time steaming with brooms and dripping water.

      Publication of Smurfit caused heated discussions in social networks. “Funny like”, “well Done”, “Glamorous”, “Cool”, “Great”, “love to relax” – discussing social media users. Some of them suggested that the owner loved the bath thanks to the former lover. “Bonia addicted Monegasque Prince to the Russian traditions,” wrote one of podeschi Alexa.

      At the same time, other members of Smurfit were interested in the identity of the girl captured with him in the photo. The company of the businessman to the young designer Zara, Zoffany. The users of social networking we can only guess, is a charming new brunette sweetheart Alexa. It is possible that their relationship is not beyond friendship.

      We will remind that earlier Alex smerfit posted revealing pictures taken at a friend’s birthday. Party in honor of the holiday was organized in the style of the movie “50 shades of grey”. Guests donned elegant masks to cover the face and tried on clothes from leather and latex. In one of the photos, posted online, you can see hot half-naked dancing girls of model appearance. Part subscribers Smurfit was shocked by the event that he visited. They found that Alex hit the winds after the divorce.

      Alex smerfit lit with half-naked dancers

      Note also that the entrepreneur continues to maintain good relations with the former beloved, Victoria Boney. The businessman noted that he was extremely difficult to break up with a woman. “Treating with respect to the previous valuable relationship with the mother of my child Victoria, I would like to mention that it was a difficult decision, especially considering all the speculation and garbage around my name that appeared on the Internet. I think we are both overly exaggerated in response to the rumors, this is only due to the fact that we still care about each other” – shared Smurfit.