Alex smerfit returned daughter Victoria Beaune

Алекс Смерфит вернул дочь Виктории Боне The star and her heiress reunited after a long separation.

      Fans of the model and TV presenter Victoria Boni continues to enthusiastically discuss the news of her breakup with her boyfriend, which Bonia announced itself a few weeks ago. Victoria openly said that she and the father of her daughter Alex Smurfit for almost six months not together. Husband of Victoria Boni after a breakup left her with nothing

      The last two weeks the media personality had alone to cope with the difficult emotions that cover a woman experiencing a breakup with your lover and dared to voice it publicly. Plus Victoria Bonia these days spent in separation from the beloved daughter, four-year-old Angelina Letizia. The girl was resting with dad in the Caribbean. And on the eve of Alex smerfit returned the baby to the mother, what she was immensely happy. Victoria Bonia immediately published the heiress in a microblog, saying that a girl dreams of ballet.

      “My mother’s doll, – commented on the touching scenes with her daughter Victoria. – Angelina yesterday, just got home from a distant Caribbean island wanted to dress as a ballerina. Was asked to put her “ballet music” and danced all night. Persistently asked to write it on the ballet, do the time and it really woke up the interest. Because earlier she thought it was boring.”

      Fans of Victoria Boni together with it rejoiced to her reunion with her daughter, and then wrote in the comments that he is happy to see mom and her baby girl together. “True love is born beautiful children! Your daughter is example! Little lady”, “Oh, Vic, that your life has meaning – daughter, gave birth on time, well done. And who would say, without children life is meaningless and boring,” write to the followers of Victoria Boni.

      Recall that Angelina Letitia was born in a civil marriage of Victoria Boni and Alex Smerfit. The girl was born in March 2012. In early February, the socialite has openly admitted that broke up with the father of her daughter. “He is my friend and beloved man, I’m sure it always will be. I know that many will now begin to misquote and invent their own version. It is not a spontaneous decision, we came to him six months ago. Today we have a great relationship, we talk on the phone every day, share experiences, spend time with the child,” said Bonia.