Alex smerfit off with the supposed chosen one

Алекс Смерфит отрывается с предполагаемой избранницей The man posted a photo companion to the Network. Businessman Alex smerfit – ex-lover Victoria Boni – shared frames, which show in the company of girls of model appearance.
Алекс Смерфит отрывается с предполагаемой избранницей

Alex smerfit is famous for his love of parties and parties. This became especially noticeable after his breakup with well-known Russian TV presenter Victoria Bonneuil. Then fans of the men suggested that their pet enjoys being alone and will not soon want to start a new relationship. However, recently, the Network appeared the frames on which the businessman was captured along with a pretty girl. It turned out that the photo Russian model from Vladivostok Elizabeth Ganenko. It is in her company the young people visited the race “Formula 1”, held in Monte Carlo.

Алекс Смерфит отрывается с предполагаемой избранницей

But in addition to images, in the account of Smurfit, in the Internet appeared the other card depicting a couple in love. So, in one of public celebration of the life of stars, users of the social network launched an active discussion. They compared the new beloved of Smurfit with his ex-civilian spouse and unanimously decided that the beauties are very similar to each other.

“Wow! Still, it’s constant, And I still Vika is more like it! Although, who knows! Maybe Lisa would also be very cool!”, “Alex, all women are charming”, “Again, our compatriot? Yes, you can see that the real connoisseurs of Russian beauty”, “Interesting, and Bonia already seen?” – posted by followers of the community.

By the way, recently almost met a former sweetheart of a man with his new companion. The incident threatened to happen in the city on the French Riviera, which hosted the Cannes film festival. This year TV presenter decided to attend the event alone, in contrast to the ex-wife, who came to Cannes with the model. Then the fans of celebrities are not seriously worried about a possible meeting women. However, their fears were not confirmed: Elizabeth spent all of her time with the chosen one, and Victoria gave preference noisy get-togethers and the company of young riders. The alleged fiancee of Smurfit runs the risk of Bonneuil

By the way, old lovers continue to maintain warm and friendly relations. Even after the break Bonia said that for a common daughter they are willing to go to any measure. So, the girl’s father, as before, spends a lot of time with the heiress, trying to give the child the best of everything. Victoria Bonia parted with the civil husband