Алекс Смерфит игнорирует Викторию Боню после разрыва
Ex-husband the TV presenter was out late at Nightclubs.

Алекс Смерфит игнорирует Викторию Боню после разрыва

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonia, it seems, going through a breakup with the civil husband Alex Servicom not as easy as she would like. She recently assured fans that they parted on a positive note and intend to maintain friendly communication. However, the reality looks a bit different. Apparently, Alex intends to strike the Bony of his life.

To start Smurfit, despite assurances from Victoria about the presence of a warm relationship, took her on vacation to the “island of millionaires”. With him on the rest flew only total daughter couple — Angelina. Later in the comments to one of the vacation photos Victoria decided to remind Alex about himself and wrote a tender message: “I miss you…”, But the recognition of Boni remained unanswered…

Alex smerfit with daughter Angelina

Photo: @alexandersmurfit Instagram

Judging by microblog of Smurfit, he does not suffer after a break up and as if to spite Victoria began to lead a “dissolute” lifestyle. He became a frequent guest of the hottest parties in Nightclubs. By the way, that in one of these establishments and was photographed locking lips with luxurious brunette hair.

Victoria, instead of heavenly rest on the island had to settle for a short holiday in Italy with a friend.