Alex scolded for artificial lips

Алексу отругали за искусственные губы The actress boasted changes in appearance. The singer revealed in a microblog a picture in the signature which said that he had made a new form of the eyebrows and tattooing of the lips. Members expressed the view that Alex spoils the natural beauty.

      Ex-participant of “factory of stars” Alex continues to experiment with looks. The girl warned fans that he was preparing to remake the eyebrows and lips. She promised to share the result in social networks. After the beauty treatments, the singer and designer photographed himself in the mirror, so that subscribers could see changes in her facial features.

      “As you can see, everything is very beautiful and natural, and most importantly, not painful. We have been doing permanent makeup eyebrow shadow technique and lips. There is a small swelling, but it soon subsides. I love it!” – said Alex.

      Followers girls are unable to evaluate changes in her appearance. They felt that face designer looks unnatural. “Horror”, “What have you done to yourself! So beautiful was”, “How are you disfigured,” “the Horror! Was a nice girl”, “well This is how to redraw itself, it was necessary that the old man is not gone!” – wrote social media users.

      Alex herself has become the target of attacks from the haters due to the fact that her appearance has changed dramatically since the days of the TV show. As noted by people who deal in plastic surgery, a few years ago the ex-participant of “factory of stars” moved the correction of the nose. Particularly picky fans compare her childhood pictures with images that posted in her social network.

      Alex tries not to react to negative comments in his address. According to her, nothing terrible in appearance correction no. “I’m not even making excuses, when accused of plastic. This is nothing wrong. When there is trouble breathing and the doctor says we need to fix, then of course people go for it,” said the girl in an interview with “StarHit”. Alex: “it’s hard for Me to remember the period of “American idol”

      Many fans are looking forward to the video with the participation of the designer, as during these live broadcasts, they can ask her questions about cosmetics and creams, which the girl uses every day. As recognized Alex, the secret of beauty is simple: proper nutrition and sufficient hours of sleep.