Alex Rodriguez shared the “new” version of fun with Jennifer Lopez

Алекс Родригес поделился «новой» версией знакомства с Дженнифер Лопес

Alex Rodriguez first visited the Ellen DeGeneres. During a conversation with a leading, professional American baseball player once told the story of meeting with Jennifer Lopez. But the “new” version caused a lot of leading questions, because in her opinion it differs from that of the early talked herself j-Lo.

Алекс Родригес поделился «новой» версией знакомства с Дженнифер Лопес

“I can safely call that day the happiest in my life, — began Alex. — I had lunch with two women from my office. Not going to tell you boring details. In short, at some point I went outside and realized that I forgot where I had parked my car. No assumptions! It took 10-15 minutes, I was sitting in the Parking lot, got frustrated, and then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and didn’t recognize this girl. It was Jennifer, but she was dressed as her character Hurley from “shades of blue”. In jeans and massive boots. I hovered for a few seconds and then she said “It’s me, Jennifer.” I said, “Oh, God, Jennifer! You look beautiful!” I was so embarrassed, very nervous. Well, we all know how great Jennifer looks. We struck up a conversation, I said that now all the time I spend in LA, work, asked what she was doing. In the evening I came home and immediately called her.”

Ellen is like no one else can claim the difference of the stories, it was in her Studio she was told the Jennifer. According to Ellen, J. Lo said it was Alex first approached her when she was sitting at a table in a cafe.

Алекс Родригес поделился «новой» версией знакомства с Дженнифер Лопес
“One of you is lying,” said Ellen.

To check the truthfulness of the words of her boyfriend, Ellen offered to call Jennifer for Facetime. However, the singer confirmed the version of the player. “Well, we’ll look at the tape of your interview,” answer her is Ellen. However, memory problems were still leading. “I was having lunch at the same restaurant, eating the Cobb salad and Mexican soup “Tortilla” when I saw him, he passed by. I ran out of the restaurant and for some reason I wanted to Pat him on the shoulder and say, “hi, Alex!”. On banal dialogue. I asked him, “What’s he doing in LA?” He said, “I live here now, what about you?” I replied that I lived here always. We decided to meet some time. I said he could find me, because he has my phone number. And then he wrote me a message and invited me to dinner, told j-Lo on Ellen DeGeneres.

At last year’s show with Jennifer Ellen was worried for the happiness of the singer, but as seen by recent events — not to worry. Recall that last week, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez celebrate the anniversary of relations that fueled rumors about the imminent wedding of stars. J-Lo immediately denied the speculation and said that she and Alex have not yet rushing. But it seems Rodriguez is set to a long relationship.

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