Алекса публично одарила любимого страстным поцелуем Ex-participant of “factory of stars” does not hide his feelings. Alex posted in the microblog hot photos from Rome, where it rests together with the chosen one. The name of the boyfriend singer is not yet advertise.

      Алекса публично одарила любимого страстным поцелуем

      Name Alex rarely appears in the press. One of the most prominent member of “Factory of stars” for a long time disappeared from public view. After a high-profile affair with a colleague on the shop floor, the singer stopped to share details of his personal life. More recently, however, Alex was interrupted by years of silence and made it clear to fans that her new, tumultuous relationship.

      Alex reveals a secret personal life

      To the delight of the followers artist and aspiring designer issued a joint photo with his izbrannika, whose face is clearly visible in the selfie. The name of the star boyfriend while not declassify, but she has made no secret of his novel.

      “We deserve it! Happiness is” – signed Alex the where hot kisses for my beloved man. “Sasha, I wish you happiness”, “happiness! Finally saw your boyfriend”, “a Good man, and very much in love. Great,” replied the singer subscribers.
      Алекса публично одарила любимого страстным поцелуем

      Note that the first time your bliss the actress shared in the social network last month. “When you really love someone, you don’t need any proof. You can feel it. Take care and treasure these moments!” – wrote 27-year-old graduate of “Factory of stars”.

      Fans were delighted from the fact that in the privacy of Alex’s all good. Of course, even more interesting to them now to follow the development of the novel star and her boyfriend. The lovers had just returned from a tour of Sunny Italy. They visited many picturesque corners of this country, including popular tourist city of Rome.

      “It’s time to say goodbye to this wonderful place… so Much positive emotions! Nice people around, a lot of tasty and, of course, the rest of the soul. Roman holiday with your beloved is priceless,” wrote Alex at the end of the holiday.

      We will remind, after the finalist of “factory of stars” has stopped to perform on stage she decided to work in the fashion industry and revealed the talent of the designer. Now Alex working on his own clothing line together with the Azerbaijan brand Le Salon – Atelier. However, not everyone can buy outfits designed by Alexa as the clothing comes in limited quantities.

      The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

      “This collection is extremely limited, and each dress is different and unique in their own way… We tried to create for you in this collection as evening dresses, and cocktail. Each one is special, because we were thought to have unusual cut lines and design,” said Alex.

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