Alex Lemar showed passion with his wife on the beach of Thailand

Алексей Лемар показал страсть с супругой на пляже Таиланда The actor and his wife celebrated the local New year. Residents of the island of Koh Phangan ice-cold water. As Alex said, they wanted each other of purification and renewal. On this day the star of “Univer” gave his beloved jewelry, which she had so long wanted.

      Алексей Лемар показал страсть с супругой на пляже Таиланда

      A few days before Easter in Russia, arrange Maundy Thursday, when people clean their apartments and go to the bath. At the same time, the local Thais celebrate the New year, Songkran. Star of TV series “Univer” Alex Lemar and his wife Marina located on the island of Koh Phangan, where residents staged a Grand event for the occasion.

      “Traditionally, Thais poured cold water. So they want other people to upgrade, cleanse, that you be cleansed from all their sins and negativity. It is very fun. Pour even those who ride bikes. The Thais sit in the jeep, put the barrel with water. And from a hose poured”, – said the actor.

      Алексей Лемар показал страсть с супругой на пляже Таиланда

      That is why for the whole day Alex and his wife were dressed in bathing suits, to participate in the fun and games with water pistols. As noted by Lemar, according to Thai traditions, they have come 2560. The holiday is celebrated for several days, and as gifts presented with sweets and fruits. According to the actor, the Thais are very fond of surprises.

      “The main gift we made to each other to Marina. We had originally planned that she comes from the Himalayas on Koh Phangan completes all his work, and I have to go to Moscow. But we both went back to Koh Phangan and arranged for two weeks of romance. I also bought her semiprecious jewelry”, – said Alexey with “StarHit”.
      Алексей Лемар показал страсть с супругой на пляже Таиланда

      According to star of “Univer”, the Russians who live in Thailand, still cook traditional food on the eve of Songkran: borscht, Olivier salad, herring under a fur coat, dumplings. As a rule, during the feast, not with cafés, shops and restaurants. Despite this, Alex and his wife were able to find a cozy place on the beach, where I watched the sunset. Fortunately, they were lucky with the weather, so you can calmly enjoy the beautiful views under the open sky. Thais usually say that Songkran has to be rain to wash away all the negativity and sin.

      “We had a great time with friends who were leaving the next day. They ate seafood, Marina – vegetarian. Get peace of the evening,” said Lemar.