Алексей Кравченко разыграет приз в 5 миллионов рублей
The star of the series “Brigada”, became the leading extreme of the TV show.

Alexey Kravchenko

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

The star of “the Brigade” Alexey Kravchenko became the leading new
project NTV “Astrazenca against the Detectives.” This large-scale
the TV show, in which real investigators and best forensic challenge
people with extraordinary abilities.

According to the rules both teams have in each program to disclose
real crimes. In the first issue they will receive a compressed file and
a set of evidence in a criminal case. After that, psychics and detectives will be
only 12 hours to describe the identity of the alleged offender and
to tell details of the incident. After this time the secret
the witness, who knows all about the crime under investigation, will determine
the winner.

Psychics and detectives have to work in a team,
to abandon their ambitions and constantly listen to colleagues. But
each issue of the relationship between the players will run high, because once a week
the losing party has to break up with someone who turned out to be the opinion of the team
the weakest link.

In the new project “the Psychics against the Detectives” participants
compete for a cash prize of 5 000 000 rubles. First at stake is not only
business reputation, but also a huge amount of money. How far will the players in the fight
for the main prize? We learn in the show “Psychics against the Detectives,” which starts
on the NTV channel in the new season.

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