Alex: “it’s hard for Me to remember the period of “American idol”

Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд» The singer and designer told about his own business and plans for the future. Alex found his calling. The girl has been creating jewelry. Besides, ex-” “star factory “participant” thinks about marriage, as it believes that the time has come.

      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»

      One of the most striking ex-fabrikantok Alex almost forgot the times when he sang in front of thousands of rooms. At the moment the girl is not interested in a stage career, and creativity. The singer and now jewelry designer, said “StarHit”, why did you decide to start creating beautiful items of stone, what did you do after “idol” and has shared plans for the future. Alex found a real harmony: she is love and infinitely happy in the relationship with lover Arthur.

      Alex, why did you decide to design jewelry? What was your inspiration for jewelry work?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»I wanted to find something that would bring great joy and satisfaction. This activity broadens the mind. This beauty that people share.—
      Where do you draw inspiration?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»All my inspiration comes from family. And from a loved one.—
      Who selects stones for jewelry? You personally, or someone helps?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»All the stones my jewellery I pick itself, according to your taste. In these decorations, I use the stalactites, amethysts, agates, Druze, citrines and crystals.

      You make jewelry to order?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»We have a permanent collection, but in the future I plan to create its products according to individual order. —
      What is the approximate value of your jewelry?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Prices from eight to 30 thousand rubles. It all depends on the framing of the stone and its size.

      You also tried your hand at fashion design, working with Le Salon – Atelier. Basically, there are romantic dresses from flying tissues. Who was the initiator of such collaboration?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Well, clothes now a lot, it’s boring. I was the face of the collection, and drawing all the details of the models. They were shot down, and then I forwarded. Profit no one really expected. We immediately agreed on all terms.—
      Prior to his career designer how do you earn a living?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»I haven’t worked all this time, studied, read a lot, attended various exhibitions for the memories, communicating with interesting people, then had the idea to create something of their own.—
      You recently visited in Paris… Went there on business issues or on a romantic voyage with Arthur?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»We combined the useful with the pleasant. I have always dreamed of visiting this romantic place exclusively with your loved one. It was an unforgettable journey! We have many future plans with regards to the places where we wanted to go along… Love to travel! I was particularly pleased to meet the lovers of my jewelry in Paris and get to know them.

      How did you meet?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Through common friends. I lived in that time in Kiev and in Moscow. Arthur just came for Breakfast and made me a surprise. Then we are with him.—
      How were you surprised?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»The most important surprises for girls is Breakfast in bed, even just an Orchid flower. I love plants. The main thing – the attitude of the other person to you. It is always felt.—
      Your character or habits changed after a meeting with Arthur?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»We’ve both changed. I became wiser, more experienced in terms of business, communication with people, friendship. I always aspired to a life routine, not to sit still, to evolve, to find something new. My man became more restrained, balanced, kind even. We are definitely each other changed for the better.

      How do you like spending time together? Maybe you have a common hobby?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»We love to cook, everything taste. Go to unknown restaurants. There certainly driven friends, and they say, “they’re so delicious, we didn’t even know about this place!”. So, we found a delicious Italian restaurant on Smolenskaya. There are not less than four hours will hold.—
      Do you live together?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Yes, of course.—
      Who in the morning making Breakfast?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»We have no clear separation. Moreover, we usually do not eat Breakfast, mostly lunch. But in the evening we have a ritual: together we prepare dinner, eat, discuss how the day went and future plans.—
      I have been thinking about the wedding?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Arthur does not like this phrase, but I said, “All the time”. I won’t plan, because I don’t want to repeat the fate of the people of our acquaintances, who hastened ahead of time. While enjoying the status of “without a stamp in the passport”.

      As perceived criticism from Internet users in your address? Then they write that you are pregnant, some of the accused in the plastic…
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»I always smile. I find it funny to read. I’m not even making excuses, when accused of plastic. This is nothing wrong. When there is trouble breathing and the doctor says we need to fix, then of course people go for it.—
      How are you checking yourself?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»It’s just the correct way of life and sleep. There are many simple creams sold in the pharmacy, they are much better than the brand. Any younger not to do anything with the face, I’m not in a hurry.—
      In one interview, you said that you sing only for friends. Do not think again to return to the stage?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Scene likes strong people. They must be wolves, not to pay any attention to anybody, not to be kind to all, and clearly to do their job. I am a weak person: a place to cry, unable to hide. I found its niche in jewelry design. Comeback to me not worth it.
      Never thought to try their hand on the show “the Voice”?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»I Irina Dubcova says, “Sanka, I would in your place went, once again, why not show yourself?” I answered her: “Well, er, we’ll see.” I believe that “Voice” is one of the best creative projects at the moment. It is a high quality. A lot of people who sing much better representatives of our platform, but they have no financial possibilities. I think it’s a great show to show myself.
      I would go for the second time in my life on “Factory of stars”?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»No way. Me once was enough. Fortunately, when I was there, I was young and didn’t understand what was happening. As an adult, where I would not survive even a week. —
      What are the difficulties you faced on the project?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»It was hard without loved ones, to live in the cocoon with strangers, where nobody understands and sees. I was such a “hothouse flower”, and here I find myself in the situation of good and evil. It was an experience for me.
      As you let go, the parents in another town at such an early age?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»On the contrary, they wanted me to become independent. I was very closed, I went everywhere with mom and dad. I’m not able to ride with friends because I wanted to be with his parents. Their is alarming. In my case, they wanted me to be something she could do herself and speak for herself. I am grateful to them for that. Igor Krutoy periodically cared for me as his child.
      You still live with family in two countries?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»I always dreamed that my family lived nearby, but it didn’t work out. Parents still live in Ukraine, I was in Moscow. —
      How often do you see them?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»We have a traditional family holiday – New year. All in all, we are trying to come together. —
      Parents know your boyfriend?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»They are familiar with the Arthur. In February, we went to my brother’s wedding. There was their acquaintance. Everything went perfectly. —
      When you understand that famous? What a difficult situation arose during the existence of the “factory of stars”?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»With 13 years I started back in the Ukraine. I was not particularly scared of popularity I wanted. I just always wanted to make music and creativity. During the tour, “American idol” had a lot of stories, even scary. For example, the crowd from the stadium rocked our double-Decker bus, almost flipped it. Then there was the time we were pointing a weapon, I almost got stabbed in the stomach. Me in time saved the guard. There were many situations when you could die, but we miraculously survived.

      Wanted then immediately return to the relaxed rhythm of life?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Yes, such thoughts did not arise. I wasn’t burdened by anything, I just missed my family. I was always ready to work, to participate in all of the rooms, was never capricious.—
      What plans do you have for the next five years?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»The only thing I would really like is a family, husband, children. Moreover, I’m at that age when already some pairs three times met and dispersed. —
      And parents you don’t say, “okay, bring us grandchildren”?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Never. We have so happened that I have a older sister and brother. My sister recently gave birth to twins, girls. Mom then said, “all right. Now as the pipeline goes, one after another.” My parents are waiting. Mom is now Babysitting young. —
      You love to travel?
      Алекса: «Мне тяжело вспоминать период «Фабрики звезд»Of course. Plus, my young man a lot of interesting trips, travel to interesting places, I with him together fly. —
      We have many interests in common with Arthur?
      We are looking in the same direction. He made me a strategist, speaker, instilled in me the power of the spirit. Parents failed to do this, they gently raised me, and he raising me. He is my teacher.