Alex Chumakov smashed face

Алексею Чумакову разбили лицо
The singer has frankly told about what happened.

Alexey Chumakov

Photo: @alexchumakoff Instagram Alexey Chumakov

Alexey Chumakov recently scared of fans posting a picture, which appeared with a busted lip and in a very dark mood. As it turned out, in fact, Alexei no beat: blood on his face was fake.

Selfie with a bloody lip Chumakov made on the set of the Russian version of the television series “castle”. Incidentally, the actor admitted: “to be honest, “castle”, I was not looking. Want to bring her in this way. But, for some reason, constantly beating…” Chumakov wants to copy the game of the famous American actor Nathan Fillion, who played a major role in the home version of the TV series “castle.” Russian actor and singer intends to create its own image of the mystery writer, who together with the team of officers involved in the investigation of crimes.

Instead of detective Kate Beckett in the Russian TV series appears the investigator Marina Queen, played by Anna Snatkina.