Алекса выбирает свадебное платье The singer went into the Studio. Alex showed subscribers photos in wedding dresses. Followers felt that soon the actress will play the wedding with her beloved Arthur.

A graduate of the fourth “American idol” Alex has published in the microblog photo in a delicate white dress, adorned with numerous crystals. The actress was admiring himself in the mirror of the cabin. Many fans have decided that she is preparing for her wedding with her partner, and now choosing an outfit. The singer did not disclose all the details, and offered only to followers to choose which frame they like the most. However, some have begun to look forward to a speedy triumph.

“Alexander, maybe your wedding when you will play it will be like a fairy tale! Given your taste and love of beauty, will be a magical celebration, like Princess”, “This means a wedding soon?”, “You any suitable. The happiness of your family life,” wrote netizens.

For the past couple of years Alex live together with her lover Arthur. They met through mutual friends. At that time, the girl was still living in Kiev. After the young man came to surprise her, they don’t quit. Despite the fact that their relationship tested joint life and time, the singer was in no hurry to formalize the relationship with the chosen one. She told me “StarHit” that wants to take things slow and waiting for a decisive step away from men. Alex: “it’s hard for Me to remember the period of “American idol”

“Arthur does not like this phrase, but I said, “All the time”. I won’t plan, because I don’t want to repeat the fate of the people of our acquaintances, who hastened ahead of time. While enjoying the status of “without a stamp in the passport”, – said the artist.

However after photos in wedding dresses fans hope that the man made his beloved proposal of marriage.

Not so long ago, Alex made it clear to followers that she had some disagreements in the relationship with the chosen one. She talked about the fact that people become happy because of the ability to overcome difficult moments.

“At times we behave with family and loved ones, if not afraid of losing them, and in fact not even admit the thought that they can disappear from our lives. Do not take loved ones and destiny! Human relationships are like crystals, and not the hardware”, – says the artist.