Алессандра Амбросио встречается с Николо Одди

After 10 years of marriage, Alessandra Ambrosio parted with the civil husband and the father of their children, businessman Jamie Mazur. But for a long time to be one model not going and showed their romantic feelings to the founder of the Italian brand Alanui Nicolo Oddi publicly.

Last Friday, the network first has pictures of the walk of stars, where those stayed away from each other. Then a date could find a friendly walk, but it’s obvious Alessandra and Nicola meet. The couple kissed, hugged and held hands.

Recall that the Mazur model brings up two children — 9-year-old Ange-Louise and 5-year-old Noh. However, for 10 years of marriage, the vows they exchanged and did not even know that this was not to happen.

Until the last couple tried to keep their relationship so as not to injure the psyche of children. But at one point Alessandra decided to leave her boyfriend for Andie-Louise and Noja. At the joint in the photographs the couple last appeared on instagram of the model. Post on the network dates back to December 2017. Recent months Ambrosio spent the holidays with their children and close friends who supported her in this difficult moment.

Mazur proposed to my sweetheart in 2015. After that, the model admitted that very much wants a big wedding, which was arranged with great responsibility. To play wedding couple and failed. Girl for a long time postponed the event due to busy work schedule. Probably did it on purpose.

After a breakup, Ambrosio returned home with the children in Los Angeles and did not comment on the news about the breakup.