Ales Kafelnikov was surprised by the sudden change of image

Алеся Кафельникова удивила резкой сменой имиджа The girl ventured on a bold experiment. Ales Kafelnikov appeared before the fans in an unexpected way. Young model decided to change your hair color and chose a trendy color.

      The daughter of a famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales conquer the global fashion world. She often tries on different images. Now young lady decided to experiment with their own style and dared to dye your hair a different color. The girl chose a fashionable shade of pink. Kafelnikov subscribers who are watching with interest what is happening in her life, and expressed conflicting views regarding her experiment. Some fully supported the new image of the model, and other followers began to find fault with every detail of her new image.

      “Well, why? Me natural you liked, Always wanted this hair color but afraid to experiment. And you’re done, very cool!”, “So beautiful. Perfect. You go,” “what a pity, the color was gorgeous, emphasized unreal eyes!”, “In the dark you can always go back! Done that experiment,” he wrote to fans.

      Also, she wore black sports pants and brutal leather jacket. Fans it was unusual to see delicate and refined Kafelnikov in such an unexpected manner. It’s possible that the girl takes part in one of the projects.

      Not so long ago Ales was suspected that she was too fascinated by the pursuit of thinness. Some have attributed the girl with anorexia. In order to stop the rumors and make excuses for their weight and physique, the representative of Kafelnikov appeared in the Studio one television and told the whole country that the suspicions of the people are groundless. Ales Kafelnikov ate potatoes for dad

      “Eugene A. participates directly in the education of Lesya and cares, he goes to her shows, he is really watching her diet. They constantly visit doctors, given that this is a sports family, they look after their health. No doctor gave this diagnosis, which can be discussed now,” said Manager Vadim girls.

      Ales later she admitted that really limit itself in meal. However, it is excluded from the diet only foods with lots of carbohydrates such as pizza and pasta. The girl reported that she didn’t like these dishes, and accordingly, does not suffer from their absence in your menu.