Алеся Кафельникова примерила «старушечье» белье

The daughter of a famous tennis player and part-time in-demand model published in his microblog a picture in underwear.

Ales Kafelnikov regularly publishes in his Instagram selfies and footage from photo shoots. One of these images, the young model shared the other day, appeared before his fans in a candid underwear in retro style.

In the picture Kafelnikov was depicted in delicate pink lingerie from velvet. The main oddity of the image became “Granny” panties with a high waist that did not look very attractive largely due to the extreme thinness of his mistress. Fans have noticed that she looks unhealthy, and even put her a diagnosis of “anorexia”. This time, however, the subscribers account stars the liked. She Kafelnikov signed picture: “Live and don’t worry”.

Despite the fact that the publication was warmly received by fans, fashion models, she chose to remove the provocative picture with her page. By the way, as it turned out, Kafelnikov loves silhouettes in retro style. In the wardrobe of the stars you can find a lot of shorts and bathing suits reminiscent of one or another fashionable era. For example, in one of the fresh pictures of Ales, posed in an unusual swimsuit with samsennai waist, decorated with printed flamingos.

Recall, Ales Kafelnikov has repeatedly been criticized by fans for excessive thinness. Father model, tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, and even stated that the weight loss of his daughter to blame followers of her microblog.

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