Алеся Кафельникова поведала о баснословных гонорарах The daughter of the famous tennis player has called the amount you make for a shooting in Studio. The young model already knows the value of money and partly itself contains. Ales Kafelnikov is confident that it will only benefit the fact that she came from a wealthy family. The girl said that in this case none of the potential suitors will not be able to buy her.

      17-year-old Ales Kafelnikov often have to answer uncomfortable questions. The young model has gained particular popularity in social networks, but because many seek to know everything about her. In order to prevent possible rumors that go around her name, the girl opened a portal account, Ask.fm, where everyone can ask her questions and get an honest answer. Another attempt to communicate with the admirers ended for Kafelnikov scandal.

      When one user of the popular social network asked her a question about her possible earnings, Ales openly called sum, which receives a few hours of work in Studio. Those who actively follow the life of the daughter of the famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, it is well known that she regularly spends time on the set. Did not hesitate, Ales announced the amount that shocked her followers – 200 thousand rubles for one photo shoot. While many were surprised by the fact that the work at a fashion show the star’s Instagram gets a much more modest fee. “On the show you go out and walk 30 seconds. And shooting to work without a break of 4-8 hours,” said Kafelnikov.

      Needless to say, the excitement around this statement. Ales immediately began to ask questions about her expenses, trying to support themselves and the desire to be independent from their parents. Kafelnikov said that indeed many of the financial issues are decided by one, and it definitely like. For example, the model assumed all costs associated with her beloved horse. If you believe data published by the girl, keeping animals at a cost of 75 thousand rubles a month.

      One of the subscribers Alesya asked, does this mean that to gain her attention, only wealthy young man. The model noted that it will have to be of great value. The girl is sure: the fact that she came from a wealthy family, would do her only good, as no one can win her heart with expensive gifts.

      “My love will not buy. For in my life and the love of money no when you do not have – said Kafelnikov. I work and earn money. By the way, the money on beauty salons, restaurants and other expenses I have money!”

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