Ales Kafelnikov scandal sweetheart oligarch

Алеся Кафельникова устроила скандал возлюбленной олигарха The model criticized the publication of Liza Adamenko, lady millionaire, Valentina Ivanova. According to Kafelnikov, she is too much proud of their wealth. Ales sure it can adversely affect the lease.

      18-year-old model Liza Adamenko – the wife of the 55-year-old top-Manager of “LUKOIL”, Valentina Ivanova. The tycoon spared no expense for his beloved women and constantly gives her expensive gifts. Lisa regularly attends and boutiques showing off new things in social networks. Recently, the model showed purchases made in stores of the brand Chanel. In the photo published Adamenko in Instagram, she lies on the floor surrounded by packages and items known brand.

      The post wife Ivanova came to taste not all users of the Internet. 18-year-old Ales Kafelnikov criticized the publication of Adamenko and asked the girl to be modest. According to the daughter of a famous tennis player and aspiring model Lisa should not brag about expensive purchases.

      “Then think of only one thing: “You made it out of rags to riches, but quickly becoming a Prince not forget, not to overlook, eternal riches, eternal dirt.” Well, or something to boast of, already, and will remain,” commented Ales Kafelnikov publication Liza Adamenko.

      Subscribers wife Valentina Ivanova criticized the position Alesya. According to them, one model is just jealous of the other. Social media users were also quick to condemn Kafelnikov because she allowed herself to publicly condemn Adamenko. In turn, the daughter of the tennis player replied that it was not trying to insult a colleague, but only speaks about her post. “I feel for her, even happy! Do not climb into someone else’s life, not condemn it. Just thinking out loud. You write me your opinion? I expressed my”, – said Ales to the followers of Lisa. In addition, Kafelnikov said that she was once the same as Adamenko.

      “I have nothing against that. Just wanted to warn you. Stepped on like a rake. Shouting to the whole world – in the end were left with nothing at one point, but in any case, only through pain I became stronger. And be”, – said Ales.

      One of podeschi Lisa noticed that she hardly understood the advice of Kotelnikovo. In turn, Ales admitted that she, on the contrary, tries to listen to the opinions of others, including users of social networks. In addition, she said that she doesn’t like to hurt others. “I’m not one of those people who want to hurt and even more revenge. I say this as a man who has 60% of the haters who write nasty things, not knowing the person. And these things only provoke them to the negative. Too hard to deal with, don’t get me wrong, I’m just good. I just don’t want Lisa to make the same mistakes,” he justified the model.